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Last updated 06/12/2001.

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Magic: The Gathering (M:TG)

(collectable card game)

(The back of any M:TG card)


When I first became aware of Magic:The Gathering, it was less than 1 year after its initial release. It was at Gen Con 1993, and I noticed that a bunch of people were sitting in the middle of the walkways, taking up valuable space, playing some weird looking card game with these colored stones. When I went back to Gen Con 1994, it was much worse, with "addicts" as we lovingly called them, now taking up more space because they brought boxes (BIG boxes) of cards with them, and their laptop computers. The computers were used to keep a spreadsheet organization of the cards. My friends and I haughtilly turned our noses up at such nonsense and walked away. The idea that a person could spend gobs of money on "rare" cards (which did,and still does, translate into "powerful" cards) appalled us. How could a gamebe fun and fair when it was clearly designed to give the richest folks an advantage?

It wasn't until early in 1996 that I actually played the game for the first time. I was taught how to play by good friends of ours. They had some pre-built decks, and we sat down and learned to play. We were instantly hooked. The game had numerous advantages, and only one serious disadvantage. The advantages were quick to learn, simple game mechanics, portable, fun. The disadvantage remained: Rare cards cost money. This means that, although you can play fun, exciting, and even competitive decks with common and uncommon cards, you had to ALWAYS shell out the bucks for a WINNING and/or INTERESTING deck.

Now we have inherited, bought and traded ourselves into about a $100 investment in the game, with about 500 cards to show for it. Not bad, in my opinion. We play this game a LOT.

However, we stopped buying (and partially playing) the game when they changed from 5th edition to 6th edition. The rules changed too radically, and it was too much "keeping up with the Joneses". So you'll not see anything on this page that acknowledges anything after 5th edition.

If you play M:TG, we would like to share some of our favorite decks with you. They don't always win, but they are fun:

The Blue/Black "Creatures from hell" deck
The Green/Black "Poison" Deck
The Red "Goblin" Deck
The Black/White "Creatureless Time Bomb" deck
The Blue "The Recycler" deck
The Red/White "Dreadnought Doom" deck

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