The Green/Black "Poison" Deck

Last updated July 21, 1997

This deck was designed by me after he learned about the "poison counters" rules. He swears that there MUST be a way to make a winning deck based on the idea of poisoning your opponent.
This deck has undergone revision after revision. This is it's current incarnation.
10 Swamp          4 Word of Binding       
10 Forest         4 Suq'Ata Assassin      
 4 Dark Ritual    4 Sabertooth Cobra
 4 Tawnos's Wand  4 Swamp Mosquito
 4 Winter Blast   4 Marsh Viper
 4 Fog

The whole point of this deck is to "open the way" for creatures that give poison counters. With Winter Blast (x4), Word of Binding (x4), and Tawnos's Wand (x4) these are excellent ways to allow an unblocked creature through. The Dark Rituals quicken the casting of both creatures and other spells.
This deck is still very slow, but some ideas I'm going to try next are:
1)Put in a combination of Channel and Stream of Life (a few times) to give some quick mana.
2)At least use 4 Stream of Life cards to help survive a bit longer.
3)Draw the game out with a couple Nevinyrral's Disks.