The Red "Goblin" Deck

Last updated July 21, 1997

This deck was designed by me with the idea of fast, overwhelming numbers of ultra-enchanted goblins.
16 Mountain                   4 Goblin Scouts
 2 Goblin King                2 Goblin Mutants
 1 Goblin Wizard              1 Goblin Hero
 2 Goblin Shrine              2 Goblin Snowman
 2 Goblin Caves               1 Goblin Chirugeon
 1 Goblin War Drums           2 Goblin Soothsayer
 4 Goblin Grenades            2 Goblin Recruiter
 4 Goblin Balloon Brigade

This deck is fast as can be. The goblins cost nothing to get out, and with the Kings, Caves, and Shrines, you're bound to end up with at least a 2/2 (sometimes a 4/4) creature for 1 red!
The funny thing is, with so many creatures coming out of the woodwork, a good 50% of the wins with this deck are through the Grenades as direct damage to my opponent.
Oh, one last thing -- best card in the deck is "Goblin Scouts". For 5 mana, I get 3 1/1 mountainwalking goblins. Combine that with even a single Goblin King, and the cost per creature is very low!