The Black/White "Creatureless Time Bomb" deck

Last updated August 8, 1997

This deck was designed by me in an attempt to create a deck to beat the "Blue/Black" deck. It only worked part time, and I then tweeked it in preparation for playing a 6 player type I tournament at Gen Con 1997. It held it's own, and might have won, except that the winner pulled an infinite combo and beat us all at once.
11 Swamp                 2 Wrath of God       2 Time Bomb
12 Plains                1 Crypt Rats         2 Tormod's Crypt
 1 Undiscovered Paradise 2 Dark Banishing     
 1 Alabaster Potion      2 Dark Ritual        
 1 Armageddon            1 Drain Life        
 1 Black Ward            2 Oubliette         
 2 COP: Artifacts        2 Pestilence        
 2 COP: Black            2 Terror            
 1 COP: Red              2 Armageddon Clock  
 2 Disenchant            1 Ersatz Gnomes  
 1 Guardian Angel        2 Feldon's Cane    
 2 Healing Salve         1 Fellwar Stone    
 2 Reverse Polarity      1 Grinning Totem   
 1 Righteous Aura        1 Millstone      
 2 Swords to Plowshares  2 Sisay's Ring   

Each part of this deck has a purpose, but here's the general theme: Do damage to everyone (including myself) but COP all of my own damage. In addition, there are sub plots:
1) Do massive damage to all, and COP myself
This is done with the Time Bombs, Armageddon Clocks, and Pestilence (and to a certain degree, with the Crypt Rats, if they can get a Black Ward on them too). Use COP's as well as Righteous Aura.
2) Allow no creatures to remain on the table
This is accomplished through the Terrors, Dark Banishings, Drain Life, Oubliettes, Swords to Plowshares and Wraths of God.
3) Gain life for myself
This is just in case I don't get a COP out, at least I won't die first. Done with the Healing Salves, and Alabaster Potion and Drain Life.
4) Defend against a Helm of Obedience (which hurts creatureless decks)
This is accomplished by having the Ersatz Gnomes and Crypt Rats in the deck, as well as the Disenchants.
5) Defend against infinite combos and other "graveyard" fiddling
The Tormod's Crypts should help prevent this. In addition, I get a bit of a boost in loooong games by having the Feldon's Canes allow me to recycle my cards.