Drexxell's EQ Necromancer Epic 1.5 Scrapbook

Explanation of this page

While this page can act as a "walk-through" to acquire the Necromancer Epic 1.5 Weapon "Soulwhisper", it is presented in story form, with real screenshots showing my progress toward acquiring the staff, similar to my Epic 1.0 scrapbook.

If you want a simple walk-through, please go to the walk-through on Allakhazam. If however, you'd like a more detailed look at how the quest fully pans out, then please walk with me through this quest. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Unless marked otherwise, all maps used on this page are copyright of EQAtlas, the greatest source for EQ maps and the sole reason that EQ was playable for many years. I highly recommend them.

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A Visit to My Old Master


The name was like a splinter in my side.

Kazen Fecae, my old "master" was little more than a sham artist, or so I'd told myself. Having sent me on a quest that any sane person would have rejected, and with which any lesser necromancer would have failed, he proceded to reward me with a weapon which already begins to pale in comparison with the true necromantic powers available in the darkest corners of Norrath. And the quacking duck head at the top of this one-handed blunt scythe did nothing to improve my mood toward Kazen. Time to visit him and set matters straight.

Predictably, the old fool was right in the same spot in Lake Rathetear where I'd left him. I was prepared to kill him on sight, but instead, our conversation took a more interesting turn....

You say, 'Hail, Kazen Fecae'

Kazen Fecae says 'It has been a while since we have talked. You have done well in obtaining your Scythe. The time has come however for you to perform another task for me. I do not wish to waste time, so in short, I want you to collect a most powerful staff for me. I only have a piece of it as the rest has mysteriously disappeared. I wish to research this staff piece but first I need some special research tools. Take this note and travel to Steamfont. Find a gnome named Biddliss Sperandu and give him the note. When you obtain the research tools hand them to me.'(ed note: At this point he gave me the "Note to Biddliss")

Opening my mouth to retort, I closed it, wondering, perhaps, if I couldn't work this to my advantage. Who's to say that Kazen would end up with this "most powerful staff"? Hiding my true plans, I bowed low to Kazen and made good my exit.

To Steamfont Mountains to find Biddliss Sperandu

Finding Biddliss ended up being something of a pain. While there's no denying that a visit to the home country is good for the soul (even a necromancer can get homesick), it seems that this clown was something of a fly-by-night. Having heard rumors that he was known to lounge to the east of the Steamfont windmills, I took up camp there, waiting in excess of 3 hours for him to arrive. My mood was darker than my soul when he finally made his appearance.

You say, 'Hail, Biddliss Sperandu'

Biddliss Sperandu says 'Go away before I sic the clockworks on ya!'

You say, 'Kazen sent me' (No response)

(ed note: At this point I gave him the "Note to Biddliss")

Biddliss Sperandu says 'Kazen wants some research tools? That is fine. I want something from you first, however. Bring me four gleaming zraxthil ores and combine them in this satchel. Why do I want them? Why do you care? Bring them to me or you don't get your tools. Now scram!'(ed note: At this point he gave me the "Gleaming Ore Satchel" but did not de-spawn)

"Too bad Kazen didn't ask for this jerk's head", I thought, as I muttered and made my way back to my laboratory to research the location of Gleaming Zraxthil Ores...

To Torgiran Mines to collect 4 Gleaming Zraxthil Ores

A little time in my library, and I had the answer. Priding myself on my astute research skills, I packed for a trip to Broken Skull Rock, and the lost mines of Torgiran. As I made my way there, collecting friends and comrades, I went over the details in my mind again....

"....although Zraxthil is mined in Torgarin, creating the mighty weapons with which the denizens of Broken Skull Rock give battle, it is highly rare that a vein of Gleaming Zraxthil Ore is found. Due to its rarity, these Gleaming Ores are often siezed from the Crazed Miners by their masters, the Broken Skull Bloodguards, and pocketed before the Overlords become aware that the gleaming ores have been unearthed...."

"So," I thought to myself, "it'll be either the Crazed Miners or the Bloodguards that feel the wrath of the Wayfarers of Veeshan."

Into Torgiran we went....and went again....and went again. The tediousness of returning night after night grew thin. We learned where the Crazed Miners were, we learned where the Bloodguards stood...and with the help of some ancient tomes on the Torgiran Mines, we finally concentrated our search in a few rooms. This concentrated effort paid off, as the 4 ores were found exactly where my research indicated. I have marked their locations on the map to the right. All in all, 8 trips to Torgiran, totalling over 15 hours were spent acquiring these wretched ores.

(ed note: Crazed Miners max hit seems to be 125; Bloodguards max hit seems to be 150)

In the end, the sack from Biddliss was full (see left), and I combined the 4 pieces as instructed. (ed note: This yielded a "Sealed Ore Satchel". See right.). It was now time to return to Steamfont and deal with the other "gnome with an attitude" (besides myself)...

Back to Steamfont to give Sealed Ore Satchel to Biddliss

Thankfully, Biddliss did not keep me waiting when I returned to Steamfont Mountains. He was in precisely the spot I'd left him, no doubt eagerly awaiting my return. His attitude could have used some improvement though...

You say, 'Hail, Biddliss Sperandu'

Biddliss Sperandu says 'Go away before I sic the clockworks on ya!'

(ed note: At this point I gave him the "Sealed Ore Satchel")

Biddliss Sperandu says 'So you're not totally useless after all. Maybe there is a reason Kazen hasn't destroyed you yet. Take these tools and give my warmest regards to Master Kazen.' '(ed note: At this point he gave me "Biddliss's Research Tools" and immediately de-spawned)

"Perfect", I thought, "time to give Kazen his 'reward'...."

Back to Lake Rathetear to give Biddliss's Tools to Kazen

Predictably, Kazen hadn't moved either. I began to dream of this "most powerful staff", and reached down to make sure that Biddliss's Research Tools were still in my pocket.

Not wishing to mince words, I simply handed the Tools to Kazen, and began preparing a stealthy attack on my "master" as soon as I saw the staff...

Kazen Fecae takes the tools from you. He opens the case and pulls out a small magnifying glass. It seems to faintly glow as he passes it over the surface of the staff piece. 'There appears to be a small rune etched in the wood.' Kazen takes out a piece of parchment and draws a picture of the rune. 'I am not familiar with this rune. Take this drawing of the rune to Ruandia in the Plane of Knowledge. She is an expert on runes and should know what it means. From here on out I will want you to handle the research of this staff through my assistant Tebarin in the Plane of Knowledge. I am busy and do not wish to be disturbed further. Tebarin will communicate to me any progress you have made with helping to recover the staff. (ed note: at this point he handed me "Drawing of Rune")

Needless to say, Kazen's attitude and his inability to materialize the staff irritated me beyond reason. Grudgingly, not wanting to lose the chance to get my hands on this staff, I decided to play along....for now.

To the Plane of Knowledge to give the drawing to Ruandia

My first order of business was to locate both Ruandia and (for future reference) Tebarin. (ed note: Of course, the EQ coders didn't see fit to put Ruandia on the "find" command...sigh...). A few well placed copper pieces in the grimy paw of some out-of-work paladin, and I had directions to both of their locations.

You say, 'Hail, Ruandia'

Ruandia says 'Yes, what is it?'

You say, 'Kazen sent me' (no response) (ed note: At this point I gave her the "Drawing of Rune")

Ruandia takes the drawing from you and studies it for a moment. Her face turns pale as a look of fear overcomes her. 'You must stop your quest for whatever this rune deals with. It will only lead to your demise. This rune has many meanings; the main meaning essentially being 'discord'. I am hesitant to tell you more about it, but I am sure Kazen would not be pleased.' Ruandia writes some directions onto the drawing. 'I am not responsible for the outcome of your quest. Keep that in mind.' (ed note: At this point she gave me "Ruandia's Instructions")

(ed note: At this point I can't read the instructions from Ruandia, she hasn't told me where to go. After a while I figured that I'm supposed to go to Tebarin.

Giving Ruandia's Instructions to Tebarin

Tebarin was easily enough found in the necromancer guild, though I wasn't at all pleased to see him sitting at a particular table that I favored. "He goes on 'the list'" I thought...In the meantime, I decided to see if he could help me with this whole Ruandia issue...

You say, 'Hail, Tebarin'

Tebarin says 'What do you want?'

You say, 'Kazen sent me' (no response)

You say, 'Ruandia sent me' (no response) (ed note: at this point I gave him "Ruandia's Instructions")

Tebarin says 'Kazen informed me that you would be coming. Ruandia deciphered the rune for you? Good. That witch better be accurate or Kazen will have her head. I need you to find two balls of elemental clay and combine them in this box. Return them to me when you have them.'
(ed note: at this point he gave me "Intricately Carved Box". Make sure you've got an open slot as this is a container)

"What is it with these guys and their unexplained demands?" I thought, slinking off to investigate a little hunch I had about Elemental Clay....

To Plane of Elemental Earth....
To The Hole....
To The Bazaar(!) for Two Balls of Elemental Clay

A former guildmate of mine (gracias Kahmon!) had once tipped me of that Balls of Elemental Clay were easily found in the Bazaar! Not wanting to risk a trip to The Hole, and not yet flagged to enter the Elemental Earth Plane (this was prior to the removal of the flag requirement), I thought that this hint was worth investigating. Sure enough, piles of them were available.

95 pp later and I was that much farther along to acquiring a new staff. I combined the 2 balls of clay in the Intricately Carved Box. (ed note: It yields a "Sealed Intricately Carved Box")

"Time to show Tebarin how simple his tasks are" I thought, scoffing at this silly task...

Back to Tebarin with the Sealed Intricately Carved Box

Having spent all of 3 minutes and 95 pp fulfilling Tebarin's wish, I sauntered up to him and threw the Sealed Intricately Carved Box in his smirking face. He ignored my insult, infuriating me further...

Tebarin takes the clay from you and combines them into a large ball. He then flattens it out into a thin sheet and carefully carves a likeness of the rune into the clay sheet with a sharp stick. 'The directions say we will require an ancient tome of lost lore. I believe you can find one somewhere in The Hole. When you find the tome, combine it in the intricately carved box with the oil and then hand it to me. The oil will protect the tome for the ritual ahead.
(ed note: he gave me "Strange Smelling Oil" and another "Intracately Carved Box". Sheesh, you'd think the coders were getting a little lazy with the stupid, simple tasks and repeated item names...)

I turned away, grimacing at the futile tasks this walking forehead kept coming up with. Suddenly, however, I had an idea....

To The Hole ...
To The Bazaar for the Ancient Tome of Lost Lore

...Figuring that Tebarin was little more than "book smarts" with no "street cred", I had to believe that a trick that worked once had to work twice. "The Hole?", I thought. "No, Tebarin...I think I'll check the Bazaar..."

Although the price was somewhat higher, any necromancer able to hold the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul ought to have a few thousand platinum pieces at hand, certainly if you're paying to avoid a trip to The Hole. I paid for the Tome, sighing deeply at the ridiculous waste of time Tebarin was becoming.

I put the Strange Smelling Oil and the Ancient Tome of Lost Lore into the Intricately Carved Box and combined them, as per Tebarin's instructions of some 3 minutes ago.(ed note: it yielded "A Protected Tome")

Sighing, wondering if I'd be doing this idiot's grocery shopping next, I stuffed the protected tome in my satchel and headed back to the Plane of Knowledge...

(SIGH) Back to Tebarin with A Protected Tome

Having spent another whole 3 minutes and 1500 pp fulfilling Tebarin's other (stupid) wish, I walked up to him, spat in his face, threw the tome on the table and told him where he could cram his grocery list. Again, he was all business, not quite realizing that ignoring a gnomish insult is an invitation for a future of pain and suffering. He would learn...he would learn...

Tebarin presses the sheet of clay into the tome and closes it. A red glow begins to engulf the tome. Tebarin opens the tome and you can see words slowly start to appear on the pages as if a ghost were writing on the pages. Tebarin studies the words within for several minutes. 'There is an explanation of the history of the staff. I have decided that our best bet of obtaining the staff is for me to attempt to summon it from its home plane of existence. I would advise you to prepare for the worst. This could end up being very dangerous. Hold the tome for a moment and try to atune yourself to its magics. Hand it to me when you are ready for me to begin the summoning.' (ed note: he gave me a "Brightly Glowing Tome" which I immediately handed back)

Tebarin holds up the book with both hands and begins to chant. After several minutes, a sudden flash blinds you. When you regain your vision a few seconds later, you are amazed to see the staff floating in the air before you. Before you or Tebarin are able to take the staff as your own, a booming voice echoes throughout the room, 'All who seek my staff will be destroyed!' An explosion of bright magic stuns you as a magical portal opens. Five heavily armored paladins step through the portal and grab the staff. 'Not if we destroy the staff first!' one of the paladins shouts. The paladins rush back into the portal with the staff. Tebarin tries to follow them into the portal but it disappears. 'This cannot be!' cries Tebarin. We must ensure this tome does not also fall into the hands of the paladins. The tome is our only hope of recovering the staff before the paladins destroy it. We must build a [special box] that will protect the tome. Take this rune-covered insert. You will use it to construct the box. (ed note: he gave me a "Rune Covered Insert")

You say, 'What special box?'

Tebarin says 'I must have a box made to protect the tome from these thieves! In addition to the rune-covered insert I have given you, you will also need one piece of gnarled wood, and one elaborate hinge. Find those items and combine them in a forge to make the box. If you fail, Kazen and I will not be pleased. Now go!'

Grunting a note of dissatisfaction at Tebarin, at Kazen, at Paladins in general, and at being so close to the staff and losing it, I sneered at Tebarin and told him if I wasn't back in 3 minutes I'd be surprised.

Then again, I may have to spend that 3 minutes figuring out where to find Gnarled Wood and An Elaborate Hinge...

To the Plane of Nightmare for Gnarled Wood

Although I don't relish fighting for no good reason, Tebarin's useless and time consuming tasks were enough to make me seek battle with the bloodlust of a barbarian. On a bright note, my research indicated that my first item, Gnarled Wood, would be found in the Plane of Nightmare, a decidedly beautiful place for most necromancers to vacation. The picture below shows you the first thing you see when you zone in...you see why it's so pleasant...

As it turns out, Gnarled Wood drops from Gnarled Treants, which are thankfully rampant in the forest area near the zone-in to Plane of Nightmare. Watch out though! The ravens and spiders are aggressive in this region and a simple fight with a treant may turn into being jumped by 3 or 4 other mobs at the same time.

It's hardly worth describing...gnarled wood seems to be thick on these treants. At least every 3rd or 4th one had Gnarled Wood. Some fast looting and I bid adieu to the Plane of Nightmare, promising myself a return visit for my next vacation.

Checking my notes, I smiled broadly. As necromancers love Plane of Nightmare, so do gnomes love Plane of Innovation. This day was just getting better and better....

To the Plane of Innovation for Elaborate Hinge

If I had known the PAIN IN THE BUTT which this particular item would cause me, I'm not sure I would have proceeded at all, let alone with the gusto with which gnomes normally approach the Plane of Innovation. Having searched my tinkering books, I was surprised to find that an Elaborate Hinge was not considered a generally good invention. Here's a quote from "Tinkering throughout the Planes":

Of the Elaborate Hinge we will not speak much. Invented by Nitrim Anizok for the elbow joints of his Scrap Collectors, the item was soon seen to be poorly designed for such use, and was left off of the 2nd generation of Scrap Collectors. If there is a use for this hinge, besides perhaps as the lid to a box, it has not yet been found.

Having been to the Plane of Innovation repeatedly, I knew the place had its share of Nitrim's old Scrap Collectors, though they certainly weren't the most common creation to be wanding that strange plane. But what of this Elaborate Hinge? I'd never seen one before, though I'd disassembled my share of Nitrim's old creations. Were there any of the old versions of the Scrap Collectors even wandering about? I gathered my forces and headed to "the ring", a circular canyon in the Plane of Innovation where Nitrim's old creations wandered. I'd seen Scrap Collectors throughout the ring before....

Lest I get wordy or think the details are worthy of a good story, they are not. Let me be blunt. There were 58....count them 58...kills of "A Scrap Collector" over the course of 6 months, before I received the one drop I needed.

And knowing that the one drop was used in a failable combine, I wasn't even that thrilled when it finally dropped, knowing that a failure at the forge would mean another 6 months of hunting for this one stupid piece of gear.

Picture seeing this....

Followed by this...

Followed by this...

Over...and over....and over...and over...
and over.... and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...
and over....and over...and over...

Six months of hunting...58 scrap collectors...and then finally:

Hallelieuia!! Praise Bertoxxulous!! Now, I just needed to make that %#$@!#$%$#@ box for Tebarin...

Creating the Glowing Box of Protection

Tebarin had given me the recipe...but how hard would it be to make? I was no slouch at Smithing. In fact, when wielding my Smithing Geerlok, I was generally considered quite skilled.

Holding the Elaborate Hinge in my hand, I felt a great deal of trepidation at using this extremely rare item in creating something I've never attempted before. "Bloody Tebarin!" I swore, staring at the Forge in front of me, my Smithing Geerlok in one hand, and the Gnarled Wood, Elaborate Hinge and Rune Covered Insert sitting nearby. How long I sat there, staring at the Forge, praying to Bertoxxulous, I can't recall. But eventually I realized that nothing good was coming from my delay. I approached the forge, and began to work...

A few hours of work later, and...success!

(ed note: I received this message:
[Thu Aug 31 21:16:02 2006] You can no longer advance your skill from making this item.
[Thu Aug 31 21:16:02 2006] You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

Notice that I did not learn the recipe, so don't know what the trivial is. However since I can't increase my skill, and my skill was a non-Geerlok'd 200, the trivial must be below 200)

Giving the Glowing Box of Protection to Tebarin

I returned once again to the Necromancer guild in the Plane of Knowledge to find Tebarin. This wild goose chase, the six months of pain spent in the Plane of Innovation...it was all reaching a boiling point and I was seriously contemplating paying him with the blade of my knife. Still, thoughts of the powerful staff kept me going and I decided to be patient a bit longer.

With no fanfare, I stepped before him and lay the glowing box of protection on the table, a smug look on my face.

Tebarin says 'This should do nicely. At least I hope so, for your sake. Now that the book is secure, I want revenge on the paladins who took the staff! Find all five of the paladins and take their heads! Once you have their heads, combine them in this sack and hand it to me. I will make sure they are reanimated and suffer for many, many years for what they have done. Now leave me. I must ponder the turn of events that have taken place here.' (ed note: He gave me Paladin Headhunting Satchel)

I attempted a variety of questions on the location or name of these paladins, but Tebarin failed to respond. I could have ended his life right there for his insolence, but knew I'd never lay hands on the staff if this occurred. (ed note: FOUL on SoE. How the HELL am I supposed to know which paladins to kill, where to find them, or anything?)

Hunting Paladins

I returned to the Guild Hall of the Wayfarers of Veeshan where an extensive library resided for use by our guild. Days I spent searching for a clue as to who these paladins were that had dared touch the staff which was rightfully mine.

I was desperate for information, and had almost given up hope when an idea struck me. Searching deep in my own archives, I dug out the diary of the late Sir Edwin Motte, whose head resided with Kazen Fecae. It was after beheading this fool that I had taken the diary, and long forgotten it after a cursory look-through. But something in my memory stirred, and I frantically dug through old boxes to find the lost book. At last it was in my hands, and I turned to the page I remembered vaguely seeing, back when the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul was alone my greatest goal....

  ...if only I could aspire to be as great as my brothers. I pray daily for guidance to be as holy and righteous as the most perfect paladins ever to serve the crown. Someday, I might be worthy to serve alongside the protectors of the Karanas -- Sir Telian Mottsworth, Sir Gerwin Thunderblade, Sir Gregon Sulltor and Sir Arlindo Goldheart. Together with their own Captain, Sir Asswipe Johnson..."  

"Fool", thought I. These names, being the highest of the paladin order must be the very ones who thought to take my staff. "Protectors of the Karanas", I thought, "You might as well have just drawn a map to their locations". Having names and locations in mind, I set out immediately for South Karana...

South Karana - Sir Telian Mottsworth

As I headed out of the Guild Hall, a few of my more experienced brothers and sisters of the guild agreed to aide me in my quest. All told, about twelve Wayfarers (ed note: Average level about 80) made our way to South Karana where the trackers immediately found Sir Telian Mottsworth. He was walking his assigned patrol route, which I have marked on the map to the right. I approached him cautiously.

You say, 'Hail, Sir Telian Mottsworth'

(He dared ignore me!)

With little more than a sniff toward this vile paladin, I gave the command to attack and he was enveloped in insects, flame, frost, poison, pets, swords and a flurry of other striking blows. His only words were:

Sir Telian Mottsworth says 'You are a fool to have attacked me!'

...followed soon after with...

Sir Telian Mottsworth's corpse says 'Evil shall never triumph over good!'

I took his head and left his body to rot....

Realizing how little of a threat these paladins presented, we proceeded on our tour of the Karanas....

East Karana - Sir Gregon Sulltor

In East Karana we met Sir Gregon Sulltor, who refused my hails and had little to say besides:

Sir Gregon Sulltor says 'You are a fool to have attacked me!'


Sir Gregon Sulltor's corpse says 'Evil shall never triumph over good!'

Taking great pleasure in doing so, I removed his head from his corpse.

It was off to West Karana, saving North Karana for last. (ed note: On purpose...we knew ahead of time that the North Karana paladin is the only one with anything unique to say)

West Karana - Sir Arlindo Goldheart

In West Karana we met Sir Arlindo Goldheart, who refused my hails and didn't even speak to us upon engaging in battle! All I ever heard from this pompous fruitcake was:

Sir Arlindo Goldheart's corpse says 'Evil shall never triumph over good!'

With one fell swoop, my bloody scythe took Arlindo's head and I had 3 in the bag.

It was now a total of 15 minutes since setting out, and only one paladin stood in the way of me getting my staff (or so I thought at the time). We made our way to North Karana....

North Karana - Sir Gerwin Thunderblade

Finally, in North Karana we met with Sir Gerwin Thunderblade, who was the most verbose, and therefore informative, of the quartet. He refused my hails, and engaged us as the other four had:

Sir Gerwin Thunderblade says 'You are a fool to have attacked me!'

However, his dying words were telling indeed....

Sir Gerwin Thunderblade's corpse says 'You are too late. The last paladin has fled to Natimbi with the staff and is on his way to destroy it!'

"Natimbi", I said to myself. "A place I've never traveled. This will take some research."

In the meanwhile, I put the four paladin heads into the Paladin Headhunting Satchel that Tebarin had provided:

(Ed Note: Combining these items together, yielded the "Full Paladin Headhunting Satchel")

Leaving the last corpse rotting for the carrion feeders, I returned to the Plane of Knowledge to talk to Tebarin and plan my trip to Natimbi...

Giving the Full Paladin Headhunting Satchel to Tebarin

I returned to the Plane of Knowledge yet again to find Tebarin. My mood was not improved to find that he had chosen to take up residence at the Evil Shaman guild. Chasing down his trinkets had been enough to drive me out of the lands of Norrath for 20 months. I didn't appreciate chasing him down personally when I returned.

Having finally located Tebarin, he acted as though we'd never met before. A look at the full satchel I carried was enough to jog his somewhat intelligence-challenged memory: You say, 'Hail, Tebarin'

Tebarin says 'What do you want?'

What did I want??? I wanted to rip this Erudite's brain right out of his shiny forehead, that's what I wanted! Nonetheless, I handed him the satchel, biting my tongue.

His mood improved greatly...

Tebarin says 'Your donation will please my masters greatly. I have a special reanimation spell reserved just for these do-gooders. Now you are to travel to Natimbi and find the paladin who has the staff. You might want to talk to any dead you come across as they often have valuable information. Take this orb to help enhance your natural abilities to communicate with the dead.' (Ed Note: I received "Orb of Deathspeaking")

I now began my plans to travel to Natimbi in earnest....

To Natimbi to Speak to Whiahdi

Without much to go on, I gathered my guildmates and headed to the continent of Taelosia...specifically to Natimbi, The Broken Shores.

Upon our arrival, I immediately sought out the various dead which I sensed to the Northwest of our entry point. (ed. note: I couldn't find a good hand-drawn map of Natimbi, like those in EQ Atlas, so there isn't one presented here. The cartography system maps available at Map Fiend work well, though Whiahdi isn't marked on them).

I moved through the shadows, unseen by most creatures, though nothing aggressive was found between me and the field of undead souls I found to the Northwest. One particularly sad looking soul caught my attention, and I approached her with curiousity.

You say, 'Hail, Whiahdi'

Whiahdi says 'You speak to the dead? Not many have that talent. What is it you want from me, mortal?'

You say, 'I want the staff'

Whiahdi says 'Yes, I did see a paladin with a staff. Before I give you any more information however, I wish for you to perform a task for me. I need you to travel to Barindu and find my most precious possessions from when I was once alive. A muramite in Barindu killed me and took all I owned. If you can get my earthly possessions back, I will help you in regards to the location of the paladin. Find my brother, Taiandao in Barindu. He is still among the living, but is a slave of the vile muramites. Ask him if he knows of the muramite that killed me.'

"Barindu" I thought....yet another place in this wide world that has never been blessed by my presence. Time to rectify that situation! Consulting the maps of Taelosia I'd collected, we moved swiftly to the other side of the continent; to the Hanging Gardens of Barindu.

To Barindu to Find Whiahdi's Earthly Possessions

Barindu was no Natimbi...from the very moment we entered this "garden", we saw aggressive and highly dangerous creatures all around. Our choices were to sneak past them, looking for this "Taiandao" or fight thru. A quick survey of the power my guildmates wielded, and the decision was clear.

Cleaving a path of death through mastruq eviscerators, noc bloodlusters, kyv heartpiercers and ra`tuk decapitators, the trackers in our group led us directly to Taiandao.

You say, 'Hail, Taiandao'

Taiandao says 'What is it you want? I will be beaten if I am seen talking to you.'

You say, 'What muramite killed Whiahdi?'

Taiandao says 'Yes I know the one who took her life. His name is Viarglug. I hate him with every fiber of my being. If you kill him, I will forever be in debt to you. He should be somewhere nearby making life miserable for a slave.'

Presuming that Viarglug would have Whiahdi's Earthly Possessions, we in fact found him standing right near by. (ed. note: My speech with Taiandao triggered him to spawn)

At first, I stood back and gave the "kill" command, but some strange force was surrounding Viarglug, preventing our forces from attacking. (ed. note: He's unattackable until I hailed him). Curious, I approached him to see if I could figure out what the problem was. That was a mistake, but thankfully my guildmates quickly came to my aid...

You say, 'Hail, Viarglug'

Viarglug says 'I wonder how much I could get for the tongue of a blithering fool..leave before I decide to find out for myself.'

Viarglug runs for battle in an uncontrollable rage.
Viarglug hits YOU for 1044 points of damage.
Viarglug hits YOU for 362 points of damage.
Viarglug bashes YOU for 301 points of damage.
Your body and mind are assaulted by cords of discordant energy. You have taken 980 points of damage.

Battle was quickly joined, and 47 seconds later...

Viarglug's corpse eyes glisten as it loses itself in the pleasure of pain and death.

I rooted through Viarglug's stinking pouches until I found the treasures so close to Whiahdi's heart. Before departing, I noticed Viarglug kept a treasure chest nearby, so rooted within it to find an interesting headpiece, which was put aside for examination later.

Finally, I hoped, I'd find out the location of the staff! Back to Natimbi...

Back To Natimbi to give Whiahdi her Earthly Possessions

I returned to Natimbi while my guildmates returned to our Guild Hall, awaiting either my call of success or a further call to arms. I found Whiahdi in the same field of dead souls and approached her, handing her the pouch I'd found on Viarglug.

Whiahdi says 'You found my possessions! I am most grateful. The paladin you seek did walk by here some time ago. I believe he was on his way to Qinimi. He had a curious staff with him that seemed to whisper dark tidings. That staff seemed to have a very evil presence about it. I would advise you to let the paladin destroy it. I have in my possession another staff of great [power]. I can tell you about it if you give up your quest for the paladin and the dark staff. However if you still wish to [locate the paladin] I will help you since you did help me.'

You say, 'what power?'

Whiahdi says 'I have come to know many spirits from other realms. They speak of a being known as Tarlang who resides in the Realm of Discord in an area known as the Nobles Causeway. He has wronged many of my kin and I wish to see him pay for what he has done. If you bring me his head, I will reward you with a weapon of great power. He believes himself to be indestructible, be he is not. In fact, I think you have what it takes to destroy him.'

I thanked Whiahdi, and put out a call to my guild to meet me in Noble's Causeway...though in the back of my head, I couldn't help but wonder if I should one day pursue that 5th paladin...

To Noble's Causeway to Kill Tarlang

Having never traveled to the Realm of Discord, I only had vague rumors as to how to get there and what to expect. My good friend of whom you've read, a druid by the moniker "Talinoth" had traveled there extensively and led me through mysterious magical pathways until arriving at the Gates of Discord.

Landing at Dranik's Scar, we made our way to Noble's Causeway, taking a winding path, but keeping a wall on our left at all times. This rule of thumb led us to Tarlang himself, who stood immobile, and confident. Our guild assembled itself silently and invisibly until 24 strong we stood behind a large boulder at Tarlang's flank. The time had come for action. Revealing myself, I walked boldly up to Tarlang to begin the fight which I knew could only end one way.

You say, 'Hail, Tarlang'
(ed. note: He "flickered" when his normal self was replaced by his raid self)

Tarlang says 'You dare speak to me? I do not talk to lesser creatures. Prepare for death!'

Tarlang says 'I wonder how much I could get for the tongue of a blithering fool..leave before I decide to find out for myself.'

Tarlang launches itself in your direction.
Tarlang hits YOU for 1400 points of damage.
Tarlang goes on a RAMPAGE!
Tarlang hits Jabartik for 3200 points of damage.

Thankfully this turn of events didn't continue, as the best guild on Norrath leapt to my aid, and 75 seconds later...

Tarlang's corpse continues to try to fight, not realizing that it is dead.

Wiping the gore from our weapons, our guild looked at one another with a deep sense of satisfaction for a job well done. I had just one errand to run, and taking a deep breath, I set out once again for Natimbi...

Back to Natimbi to Give Tarlang's Head to Whiahdi

Exhausted from nearly two years of questing, I dragged myself to Natimbi yet again, holding the bloody, dripping head of Tarlang by its topknot. My exhaustion was complete, as I didn't even feel like talking to Whiahdi. Imagine that...a necromancer at a loss for words when surrounded by dead souls.

I walked up to Whiahdi, and dropped the head of Tarlang at her feet, expecting yet another wild goose chase. What would it be this time? "Bring me the feet of Howard the Duck"? "Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia"? I hardly cared. Whiahdi, however, surprised me:

Whiahdi says 'Take this weapon for helping me. I regret giving away a weapon of such evil power, but having it near me was most unsettling. Do not ask how I obtained it.'

Whiahdi had given me Soulwhisper!

My New Toy (and the new pet that comes with it!)

Quest Complete, Jan 29, 2009.

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