Drexxell's EQ Necromancer Epic Scrapbook

Explanation of this page

While this page can act as a "walk-through" to acquire the the Necromancer Epic Weapon "Scythe of the Shadowed Soul", it is presented in story form, with real screenshots leading up to my acquisition of the Scythe. If you want a walk-through, and have all 6 items stored in your bank like the image to the right, please go to the walk-through on Allakhazam. If however, you'd like a more detailed look at how the quest fully pans out, then please walk with me through this quest. I hope you enjoy the journey.

A word about knowing what actions to take, and when: I found this quest to be missing significant pieces of information, as coded. In some cases, the action needing to be done has been underlined by me in the text. In other cases, I had to rely solely on the fact that others before me had done this quest and relied upon their prior knowledge. Only when I couldn't get the game to respond properly did I rely upon a-priori information.

All maps used on this page are copyright of EQAtlas, the greatest source for EQ maps and the sole reason that EQ was playable for many years. I highly recommend them.

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First created: 2005 Feb 12
Updated: 2005 Feb 22 to add Chardok Maps

A Chance Meeting in Nektulos Forest

As I was strolling through Nektulos Forest recently, I came upon a dark elf picking some herbs. Her robes and choice of companion told me she was a sister in the dark arts. Her name was Venenzi Oberzendi. I've taken her picture and marked her location on the map here. Our conversation went something like this:

You say, 'Hail, Venenzi Oberzendi'

Venenzi Oberzendi says 'What is it you want! Can't you see I am gathering reagents for my [master]? If I don't get them for him quickly he might punish me.'

You say, 'Who is your master?'

Venenzi Oberzendi says 'You do not know of my teacher? The great Kazen Fe'cae! I am one of his illustrious apprentices! If you fancy yourself a necromancer, travel to Lake Rathetear and tell Kazen you wish to study the dark arts.'
(ed note: Venenzi has her master's last name wrong. It is "Fecae", not "Fe'cae". But, as you'll see later, he gets her last name wrong too. I'm much more inclined to chalk this up to lazy SoE coding than to any kind of dry-wit-quip)

Well, as you can imagine, I wasn't about to let this opportunity slip by. I made my way to Lake Rathetear with all possible haste.

Meeting Kazen

Kazen, it turns out, wasn't hard to find. He was working with an apprentice near the delightful skeleton tower in the Southeast inlet of the Lake. Deciding the bold approach was the only way, I stepped up to him for a chat.

You say, 'Hail, Kazen Fecae'

Kazen Fecae 's eyes seem to glow as he turns to you and says, 'Leave me be if you have no reason to be here, mortal!'

You say, 'I wish to study the dark arts'

Kazen Fecae looks you up and down, his eyes glowing with a soft red light. After a moment he begins to speak though his lips do not move. 'You wish to study under me? Perhaps, if you prove yourself to follow the twisted path. If you prove to be as coldhearted as I then I will let you become my servant.'

You say, 'How can I prove myself?'

Kazen Fecae says 'The wandering 'knight' Sir Edwin Motte recently slew one of my lesser servants. This foolish knave travels from town to town pretending to be 'good.' Separate his head from his body and return it to me so I may work my magics upon it. This fool will become another plaything for me, even in death.'

"Paladins", thought I. "Contemptuous little vermin...I should have thought my first task would be less enjoyable than exterminating some vermin." Nonetheless, I sped off to research this knave's movements.

Sir Edwin Motte

This story originally was told here.

I soon heard rumors of this knave across the entire continent of Antonica. Known to drink and gamble in Freeport, deliver messages to Qeynos, participate in a smuggling operation in Highhold Pass and sometimes take holiday in the Rahte Mountains. Well, I had no love for the guards of Freeport, but I didn't seek my death at their hands by slaying one of their own in the heart of their city. That is what brought me to Qeynos Hills.

I had a roguish comrade of mine steal a copy of the Freeport and Qeynos guard schedules and knew that Motte regularly served as messenger from Freeport to Qeynos. I waited near the valley leading to Western Karana (LOC: -1000, +1500) my pet and I behind some bushes, within earshot of the nearby guard tower...watching...waiting... and then he was there! I almost didn't have time to react and didn't have time to capture his image, as Motte immediately sprinted, at full speed, down the road, without so much as stopping to check in at the guard tower. A quick ROOT and he was caught. I risked a quick look at the guard tower, but they seemed too distracted to notice the plight of their brother. My pet immediately engaged, I invoked the wrath of my lord Bertoxxulous, and despite Motte's ability to Lay Hands upon himself, he soon lay bloodied and dead at my feet. My Visceral Dagger made short work of the decapitation, and I stuffed the Head of Sir Edwin Motte deep into one of my backpacks. "This will make a fine present for Kazen" I thought.....

Back to Kazen with the Head of Sir Edwin Motte

I returned immediately to Lake Rathetear and Kazen to present him with the Head of Sir Edwin Motte.

Kazen Fecae says 'Excellent!' You watch Kazen hold the head by the hair and begin to cast a spell. A flash of darkness centers around the head and the eyes of the dead knight open, a terrible scream emanating from its lips. 'This poor fool here - I think I will keep him in my bag from now on. You have done well, my new apprentice. Take this symbol (ed note: he gave me the Symbol of the Apprentice) and know that you can do other tasks to advance within my apprentice ranks.''

[You gain experience!!]

You say, 'What other tasks?' (No response)

You say, 'How may I advance?'

Kazen Fecae says 'I share great secrets with my more powerful servants who show me they are willing to serve without question. Tell my servant the name of any symbol he gives you and he will instruct you. If I give you a symbol, speak its name to me so I may instruct you.'

You say, 'Symbol of the Apprentice'

Kazen Fecae says 'You have a long way to go before I teach you the true secrets of life and death. Visit Venenzi Oberendi (ed note: Kazen has the name of his apprentice wrong. Her name last name is OberZendi, with a Z) in the Nektulos forest and show her the symbol. She is collecting reagents for one of my experiments and is taking far too long. I do not wish her dead, yet. I simply need the reagents soon. Retrieve the reagents and give them to my assistant Emkel Kabae. I do not wish to handle them myself.'

You say, 'What reagents?'

Kazen Fecae says 'The reagents are the same types the great sorcerer Miragul used to cheat death and become a lich. I do not wish to become a lich as Miragul did, I have greater aspirations than to simply live forever as a hollow shell. I will rise up a being of spirit only, with a will of my own.' Kazen's eyes glow sickly red as he stares off toward the horizon.'

I immediately returned to Nektulos Forest.

Back to Nektulos to find Venenzi and get the reagents

Upon my return to Nektulos forest, I found Venenzi in the same place I had left her. I asked about the reagnets before presenting the Symbol of the Apprentice to her.

You say, 'What reagents?'

Venenzi Oberzendi says 'My master is working on some great project. He's always busy studying an old text he found and murmuring something about following in the footsteps of Miragul.'

(ed note: At this point I gave Venenzi the Symbol of the Apprentice)Venenzi Oberzendi says 'I see you serve my master as well now. I assume you are here to take the reagents from me which I have gathered for him? I don't know if I like the idea of you gaining the credit for my hard work here. I might consider giving you these reagents, if only you do a small [task] for me.'

[You gain experience!!]

You say, 'What task?'

Venenzi Oberzendi looks down at her robes and back at you. 'There is a certain dark elf magician who has decided to wear the same fashion as I have on several occasions. I do not wish to attend another social gathering in Neriak and look exactly the same as another woman. Slay her and bring me her robe and I will give you my hard earned reagents.

You say, 'What dark elf magician?'
You say, 'What is her name?'
You say, 'What magician?'
You say, 'Is it Najena?'
You say, 'What robes?'
You say, 'What robe?'
You say, 'What fashion?'
You say, 'What woman?'
You say, 'What flowing black robe?'
You say, 'Whom do I slay?'

(ed note: At this point, I call FOUL on SoE. Only because someone else before me knew that the robe she's talking about is the Flowing Black Robe of Najena did I know whom to kill and what item to bring back)


This story originally was told here and here. (ed note: As these pictures tell, Najena was actually completed years before I actually "began" my epic, but I present it here in order. Basically a group of 4 of us, all about level 32 managed to clear Najena top to bottom)

The Dungeon of Najena. I had often visited it in my youth; sharpening my skills on the lesser denizens, but never had I had the ability or need to seek out the Queen of the dungeon herself. Gathering my most common and trusted allies (Thunderhart, a Barbarian Warrior of some reknown; Xandamir, a high elf who follows the clerical path of Tunare but whose trust I have gained; Talinoth, a surly Wood Elven Druid whose abilities make him a formiddable ally) we set out for Najena's lair.

For those who have never travelled to this place, there is an intricate series of keys which much be acquired, in order (ed note: They are all NORENT so this has to be done in one fell swoop). We knew of the keys and set out to acquire them. Like making a grocery list it was:

Kill Moosh, take the Guard's Keyring (access to Bonecracker's room).

Kill Bonecracker, take the Dull Bone Key (access to Rathyl's room)

Kill Rathyl, take the Bloodstained Key (access to Drelzna's room)

Kill Drelzna, take the Golden Crescent Key

The Golden Crescent Key allowed us access to Najena's quarters themselves. (ed note: The pictures you see here are of our party waiting in her room for her to pop). We set a trap, awaiting her return. When she did, after only 15 minutes of waiting, she was slain quickly with little fuss and I took the bloody Flowing Black Robe from her. (One of the few items where I have both the old and new views)

Back to Nektulos to give Venenzi the Flowing Black Robe

Venenzi was still collecting the reagents in Nektulos when I returned, and presented her with the Flowing Black Robe.

Venenzi Oberzendi says 'Thank you, Drexxell. I did not think you would track down Najena and slay her. I think that I am going to return to my old life in Neriak. I am sick of the way Kazen has been treating me. He never seems to teach me anything worthwhile. Don't forget to give his lapdog that symbol with the reagents. I'm sure he will give you a new one.' (ed note: At this point she gave me two items -- the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice and Rolling Stone Moss. Also, I should have said "Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice" to Venenzi, as per Kazen's command, but I didn't so don't know what response she would have given, if any.)

[You gain experience!!]

Back to Lake Rathetear to give Emkel Kabae the reagents

I had seen Emkel Kabae near Kazen in Lake Rathetear upon my previous visits, so wasn't surprised to find him there again, within sight of his master. I decided that, apprentice-to-apprentice, I had every right to approach him.

You say, 'Hail, Emkel Kabae'

Emkel Kabae says 'I am Emkel Kabae, first apprentice to Kazen. If you have a symbol, tell me its name.'

You say, 'I have the twisted symbol of the apprentice' (no response)
You say, 'Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice' (no response)
You say, 'The Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice' (no response)
You say, 'twisted symbol of the apprentice' (no response)

(ed note: At this point I realized that (a) Emkel didn't give me the symbol, so saying its name to him shouldn't work and (b) Venenzi told me to give the symbol to "Kazen's lapdog". Nonetheless, he did ask for the name of a symbol I had, so this represents yet another oversight on the part of SoE. Do you, like me, often wonder why you pay to play a game so full of screw-ups?...anyway, I finally gave Emkel the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice. There was no reaction, he just took it and I freaked out momentarily, thinking it was lost. Then I gave him the Rolling Stone Moss and all was well...)

Emkel Kabae says 'Very good, Drexxell, you have done as the master asked yet again, take this as a reward.' Emkel reaches into his robes and pulls out a small symbol. He holds it out and the tiny symbol floats to your hand.' (ed note: He gave me the Symbol of the Serpent)

[You gain experience!!]

You say, 'symbol of the serpent'

Emkel Kabae says 'There are more reagents to be gathered. The time draws near for our master's ascension. Travel to the lands of Kunark and seek out Ssessthrass. He is a very wise Iksar herbalist helping me in my endeavor to please Master Kazen. Be careful not to insult his speech, or you may end up dead before you serve your purpose to the master. Be sure to show him the symbol as proof or he may consider you dinner.'

I began to make my plans for a trip to balmy Kunark...

To the Swamp of No Hope to find Ssessthrass

I always hated Kunark. From the days I first quested for my beloved Visceral Dagger I hated the swampy filth of this mosquito infested continent. Nonetheless, I was determined to put up with it for the sake of further necromantic power. I could certainly "play nice" to some scaly, stench-ridden gekko of a necromancer-wannabe. Hiding, no doubt, I found this "Ssessthrass" in an abandoned tower in the remotest part of the Swamp of No Hope (his location marked with an S on the map to the right). Our conversation went something like the following...

You say, 'Hail, Ssessthrass'

Ssessthrass says 'I do not wisssh to be bothered.'

(ed note: I gave him the Symbol of the Serpent at this point)

Ssessthrass says 'Sssso, Emkel ssssent you to retrieve the manisi herb? I do not have the herb. The ssssarnak guard the herb. Apparently it is ssssacred to them. Only memberssss of their royal family are allowed to partake of it. They live deep in Chardok. They are hoarding what little of the precious herb there is. If you have an army, perhapssss you can bring me the herb and I can prepare it for Emkel. Bring back this ssssymbol as well.'
(Needless to say, and only on the advice of Emkel, I had to restrain myself from laughing at the speech of this sub-human; though, he gave me the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent at this point)

[You gain experience!!]

You say, 'What manisi herb?'
You say, 'Scaled symbol of the serpent'

Giving up on any further communication with this reptile, I began making plans for an invasion of Chardok...

Chardok, bloody Chardok

If my hatred of Kunark as a whole wasn't enough, the Sarnak themselves were a new addition to my list of reasons never to "move south". This race of scum had given me no end of trouble in the Crypt of Dalnir, and now I was presented with the unenviable task of retrieving an herb from their Grand Herbalist (Mak'ha, I learned his name was), in their very stronghold. The only good news on this adventure was that I'd be able to spill as much Sarnak blood along the way as I think I could stomach. Although I am a member of the most loyal and honorable guild in all of Norrath (The Wayfarers of Veeshan), still, I didn't enjoy begging anyone for help, being fairly content to hunt alone or in small groups. Nonetheless, my pride could not get in the way here, as I had an entire fortress to infiltrate. Under cover of invisibility, a good dozen of my guildmates ran unseen into Chardok one night....

In studying old maps of Chardok, I learned of a little known, little used tunnel, above and off to left of the main gate (as one looked at the gate). This tunnel, in fact, led straight down into Chardok, avoiding many guardposts, and right to the Herbalist's hut itself! If these notes ever help anyone invade Chardok, take note of this tunnel, marked as you see in the picture to the right. It is accessable only to those who are levitating. Bask in the glory as, for once, you a mere necromancer, are begged for the one and only useful buff you can give -- DMF. I can remember the directions by heart from that tunnel down to the Herbalist's Hut: "Right...Left...R/L jog....R/L jog...voila!" For the elucidation of other intrepid necromancers, I include here the best maps of Chardok I could find, with my own additions showing the route I took down to the Herbalist.

We spent two nights there...two nights with handkerchiefs over our noses, the stench was so foul. If you have ever had lizards in a cage, you know how they stink. But my guild, like so many times in the past, persevered and we hunted Sarnak with blood lust the likes of which haven't been seen on Kunark since the Iksar were driven to a demented twisted race so long ago.
Every 21 minutes a new Herbalist would come to the hut, but always it was a Di'Zok Herbalist, except...On our first night, an imposter Mak'ha showed up, but upon being dispatched, he was seen to not be carrying the Manisi Herb. This clearly marked him as a false Mak'ha. Tired and battle weary, we made our way out of Chardok, hiding in the nearby Burning Woods. On our second night it was only on our second 21 minute shift that the true Mak'ha showed himself. With Wayfarers Legls and Haams leading the charge, the vermin reptile was reduced to a pulp and his pouch of supplies opened. Inside, precious, precious Manisi Herb was to be found. Not for the last time would I thank the Wayfarers of Veeshan for their help in acquiring a rare item.

With no time to spare, we made our way out of Chardok and I began the overland trek from the Burning Woods to the Swamp of No Hope. Hoping (pun intended) that my tour of duty on Kunark had come to an end...

Back to Swamp of No Hope to give Ssessthrass the Manisi Herb

Still cowering in his remote tower, Ssessthrass seemed genuinely surprised to see that I had returned. Clearly he thought he'd sent me on a suicide mission; clearly he had never heard of the Wayfarers of Veeshan! I handed him the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent and the precious Manisi Herb (not without a little reservation...). His estimation of my abilities seemed to go up when he saw the herb:

Ssessthrass looks at you and bows. 'You are truly a fearsome sssshadow weaver! Or you have powerful alliessss,' he adds a moment later. Ssessthrass pulls the manisi herb apart and hands a piece to you. 'Emkel will be most pleased with us both!'

[You gain experience!!]

(ed note: He gave me the Refined Manisi Herb at this point)

"Emkel will be pleased with me, at least...you can rot here in your tower" were my thoughts, as I wasted no more time on Kunark Gating myself off the continent to speed my return to Lake Rathetear.

Back to Lake Rathetear to give Emkel the Refined Manisi Herb

Emkel seemed not to notice the stench of chardok lingering about my robes; perhaps he didn't even realize the difficulty of the task he'd set to me. Either way, I was pleased with his response when I handed him the Refined Manisi Herb:

Emkel Kabae says 'You are truly worthy of studying with our master. Bear this new symbol and contemplate what you wish from life before you let go of it. Ask the master about the symbol of testing and he will explain all. I too was tested by him.' Emkel pulls up his sleeve to show a grievous scar from his wrist to his shoulder.'

[You gain party experience!!]

You say, 'symbol of testing'

Emkel Kabae says 'You must ask the master about the symbol of testing. Do not hand the symbol to him for he may interpret that as a breach of conduct.'

This warning sounded most ominous.....

Kazen's "Test"

I liked not the dire words of Emkel and decided that, though Kazen stood a mere few feet away, I would not approach him without proper assurances of my own health. I called out across the void to my brothers and sisters and they responded as they often do...with speed, loyalty and assurance of victory. Two mighty Druids, Talinoth a long time companion of mine, and his mentor Allegretta arrived in armor of thorns. The massive bulk of the great warrior Haams followed, and off in the distance I could espy the orange and black stripes of a giant tiger showing that lord of the beasts Malbro was also coming at my call. Arriving out of nowhere, showing her abilities as a superior rogue was Alexys. Gliding like a specter across the water came one of my own mentors, Goodnight, a necromancer who had been tested by Kazen in his youth. And finally, with a joyous battle song on his lips, Tanliel came and our hopes were high.

With this small group of seasoned veterans nearby, I then approached master Kazen.

You say, 'symbol of testing'

Kazen Fecae says 'Show me that you can overcome larger obstacles and manipulate servants. Gather a force for of mercenaries if you like, or so-called friends, if you desire, and prepare for battle, my promising young student. Return to me with the symbol of testing when you are prepared for battle with my creations. Have no fear, I will not slay you myself. If you do live, tell me the name of the symbol you receive.'

As I had already guessed the mind of the master and had my "so-called friends" by my side, I handed master Kazen the Symbol of Testing

Kazen Fecae says 'As you hand Kazen the symbol, you hear him speak directly into your mind. 'Good luck, my student!' Kazen finishes an incantation and suddenly hands begin to reach up from the ground, as if they were pulling themselves from the grave all around you. A piercing scream fills the air as the creatures advance upon you!'

a bone golem says 'Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!'

The battle was upon us! First to make its way out of the grave was A Bone Golem, little more than a skeleton with an attitude, though I believe if I had been alone it would have made short work (no pun intended) out of me as I merely was 52nd level at this time.

It was an impressive display of stabs, punches and spells, but in the end the final tally against the bone golem was:

Damage Taken: ~11,000 hp
Damage Delivered: 105 hp (in one punch)

However, as soon as A Bone Golem fell into a pile of bones...
[You gained raid experience!]

a failed apprentice says 'I will not fail my master this time!'

The Failed Apprentice appeared and we feared the worst, but it was so weak as to make it almost impossible to get a "live" picture of it before we had taken it down...

Damage Taken: exactly 2277 hp
Damage Delivered: 93 hp (in two punches)

This was an extremely simple monster to kill, relative to the Bone Golem! However, we had no time to reflect upon this strangeness, as our attention was drawn away...
[You gained raid experience!]

a tortured soul says 'Diiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'

It was this third and final monster that would prove to be a serious challenge. Spectral in nature, the Tortured Soul was a caster of no small skill and a warrior of great ability as well! His scythe sliced us for 100 to 200 hp at a time, though thankfully our spells landed solidly upon him.

Damage Taken: ~15,000 hp
Damage Delivered: ~5,000 hp

As the Tortured Soul evaporated into mist...
[You gained raid experience!]

...we took a moment to survey the carnage:

I looked around at the three corpses, smiled broadly with my comrades as we wiped sweat from our brows, and began collecting what few treasures these undead had.

An interesting trinket for sure, but not what I was looking for...

Hmmm...hardly a ring worthy of a necromancer of my level...perhaps useful 30 levels ago...

Ah, at last, a Symbol!

I stepped up to master Kazen and spoke the Symbol name as instructed; a look of smug determination upon my face for having passed his "test"...

You say, 'symbol of insanity'

Kazen Fecae says 'It is time for you to meet my partner, so to speak. Drendico Metalbones is his name and I assure you he is quite mad. His mind has been rended by fright, dread, and terror in his trips to the planes and his heart is full of hatred now. He has a tome which I wish you to use. Show him your symbol slowly and listen to his rantings well, they hide great knowledge.''

(ed note: I forgot to specifically ask Kazen where to find Drendico, so I can't say for sure if he would have told me to find him in Timorous Deep or not.)

To Timorous Deep to find Drendico Metalbones

The fastest way to Timorous Deep, I knew, was to use the translocator gnome in Oasis of Marr. I set out for the desert and found him at the docks as usual.

You say, 'Hail, Translocator Tradil'

Translocator Tradil says 'Hello there, Drexxell. There seem to be some strange problems with the boats in this area. The Academy of Arcane Sciences has sent a small team of us to investigate them. If you need to [travel to Timorous Deep] in the meantime, I can transport you to my companion there.'

You say, 'I will travel to timorous deep'

Translocator Tradil says 'Off you go!'

You have entered Timorous Deep.
Your Location is 6015.00, 3483.00, 1.02

This location, as it turns out is very close to where I ultimately found Drendico. I looked off to the north from my point of arrival and saw a rugged mountain range (see picture to the right). There, I thought, will I find the hermit Drendico Metalbones. I began climbing upwards, the thin air making my lungs burn painfully. But my efforts paid off, as I found Drendico in a small valley near the top, staring out to sea.

I decided to approach him cautiously, always wary of the insane...
You say, 'Hail, Drendico Metalbones'

Drendico Metalbones says 'The hills ears keep spinning the wonders of wells. Twisting twisting fly in water scar hot horses. Teach me! Bring floating water islands of doom!'

"Clearly insane", thought I, but I had to figure out a way to make sense of his rantings...

You say, 'What ears?' (no response)

Tensing myself for anything, I warily handed the Symbol of Insanity to Drendico...

Drendico Metalbones says 'Seek, search, turn, twist! Kazen hopes to death master truly! Read out, read in between! Talk to the pretty clouds.' Drendico turns his back to you and throws a book over his shoulder. 'Bring back book! Bring back reagents three!!' He shouts as he mumbles some more gibberish.'

(ed note: At this point he gave me the Journal of Drendico)

[You gain experience!!]

You say, 'What reagents three?'
You say, 'What reagents?'
You say, 'what journal?'

Receiving no further information from Drendico, I decided to open his journal and look for clues therin.
What could it mean? Admittedly I had neglected my study of esoteric languages, and wondered aloud now if perhaps learning to speak Dragon or Barbarian would have been somehow useful. I pondered and pondered these tomes. Then, with a slap to my forehead, I pulled out my small reflecting glass and held it next to the words so they were reflected backwards.
The journal read thusly:
Page 1:
must find for master kazen
feathered spiroc cloak
eye innoruuk of
slime of blood thule cazic

Page 2:
grocery list
fippy snacks

Page 3:
I am quite mad you know

Chuckling at this simple code, my humor was brought up short as I peered at the list of "reagents" Drendico expected me to return with. The Slime-Blood of Cazic Thule? The Eye of Innoruuk? A Cloak of Spiroc Feathers? Three planar raids, each one with a near certain chance of death! My hopes plummetted....

Only for a few moments did I let my heart sink. I gathered my courage, and went to the Wayfarers of Veeshan guild hall. Almost as if destiny wanted me to proceed, a raid to the Plane of Sky had been called. This, I knew, was where I'd find the fabled Cloak of Spiroc Feathers.....

To the Plane of Sky for a Cloak of Spiroc Feathers

Having never been the the Plane of Sky, I decided to follow the lead of my more experienced guildmates on this journey, and acquire my cloak if such were possible. Our objective in Plane of Sky was to reach the Spiroc Lord for Vaeuryte, but I knew that such a trip would take us past the Keeper of Souls, who was key to achieving the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers. What was immediately obvious was that (at the time), skeletal pets turned into little hovering pink puffballs...hardly a fitting companion for a master of the dark arts! (ed note: This has since been rectified)

Plane of Sky, for those who have never been there, is an amazing place, but it is also deadly. And, more to the point, very linear. At each island, one must acquire the appropriate "key" used to teleport onesself to the next island. Keys are acquired by killing the monsters on the island, looting their strange loot, and then when the "boss mob" of each island is dead, a certain "Sirran the Lunatic" appears. Hailing him will get you dead quickly. He will assist any living mob on the current island, so don't spawn him (don't kill the boss mob) until every other mob has been killed. If you do this right he will stand still and allow you to give him the strange loot from each monster on the island, in return he will give you the key to the next island. This pattern goes on for 8 islands. In addition, three keys are purchasable from the "Key Master" on Island #1 (to the "Noble Djorn island", to "Efreet caves" and to "Azarak Island"). All other keys must be acquired from Sirran.

Island #1: Thunder Spirits

This is the island that one arrives at when transported to Plane of Sky. It has Thunder Spirits, a Thunder Spirit Princess (boss mob) and the Key Master. There are 3 transporter circles (corresponding to the three keys usable from the Key Master), We immediately engaged all of the thunder spirits.
Each of the Thunder Spirits was carrying a few Miniature Swords and Lost Rabbits Foot. When they were all dead, every one of us had a Miniature Sword and a Lost Rabbits foot. Sirran appeared after the Thunder Spirit Princess was dead and traded us a "Key of Swords" for the Miniature Sqords and a "Key of Misplaced" for a Lost Rabbits foot.

As we had no business on Noble Djorn Island, and as that island is not in the "linear" progression of keys, we had no need for the Key of Swords. However, taking the Key of the Misplaced to the proper teleporter on Thunder Spirit Island (LOC: 1377.55, 382.16, -678.62) and touching the Key to the Teleporter, we found ourselves moving to Azarack Island.

Island #2: Azaracks

Unlike the gentle Thunder Spirits, Azaracks hate anything and everyone. We were engaged in battle as soon as we arrived.

Once all of the Azaracks were dead, it was time to kill the boss mob, the "Protector of Sky". It was a good battle, but he died in the end and the strange Sirran appeared. This time, we took the loot from the Azaracks (A Broken Mirror) and gave it to Sirran for the new "Key of Misfortune".

Island #3: Harpies and Gorgalosk

Upon teleporting to Gorgalosk island, we immediately found ourselves right on the temple grounds. We moved back quickly to the island edge to give ourselves room to fight. Like the Azaracks, the harpies of this island are quite aggressive. Spirited harpies, gorgalosks both were taken down, one at a time.

Finally, it was time to kill the boss mob "Gorgalosk" (different than "a gorgalosk"). Without much difficulty, Gorgalosk lost the fight, and we dealt with Sirran once again; this time turning in an "Animal Figurine" to get the "Key of Beasts".

Island #4: Harvester Island

Called "Harvester Island" due to the Essence Harvesters and Soul Harvesters, this island also has Essence Carriers, Essence Tamers, and the boss mob "Keeper of Souls". Each monster on this island was a tough fight, but they all were achievable. The real test came with the Keeper of Souls, who deathtouches every 30 seconds in combat...

Once the island was clear of everything but the Keeper, Vaeuryte engaged the Keeper and promptly was deathtouched. The rest of our intrepid fighters kept up the fight and the Keeper was soon dead. Vaeuryte was rezzed and returned to us..

On the Keeper of Souls was something I was very interested in...a Black Silk Cape. .

Having already collected a "Silver Disc" from the Azaracks and some "Spiroc Feathers" from a Spirited Harpy, I now knew that I had all three items needed to fulfill the Quest for the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers.

Efreet Caves

As it turns out, I needed to go back to island 1 to use a "Key of Veeshan" (sold for 1 cp by the Key Master) to get to the Efreet caves where the Plane of Sky quests are given out. My fastest route back to Island 1 was to leave Plane of Sky and return. Unfortunately the only way out of the Plane of Sky is jumping...this lands you in the ocean off the coast of East Freeport. So..I jumped...

I was taken back up to Plane of Sky by a helpful wizard named Snowcap where I purchased the Key of Veeshan and used it. This took me to the Efreet caves. Inside, I sought out Drakis Bloodcaster who, after a few words with me caused Jzil GSix to appear. Jzil asked me which test I wanted to take:
You say 'I will take the test of power'

Jzil GSix says 'The test of power it is. Prove yourself worthy of power and bring me a silver disc, spiroc feathers, and a black silk cape. Only then will you know true power.

(ed note: I turned in the three items to him here)

Jzil GSix says 'This feathered cloak should be more than enough payment, now be gone from my sight!'

Exhausted from the trauma of this experience, I didn't relish another long jump...but it was the only way out of the Efreet caves. I returned to the Plane of Knowledge, wondering how on earth I would survive the Planes of Fear and Hate...

To the Plane of Fear for the Slime-Blood of Cazic-Thule

I was lucky(?) enough that a raid to the Plane of Fear was scheduled soon after the Plane of Sky raid. The details of that raid will not be spelled out here, as it was disastrous. Full wipes of 20+ people between 50th and 65th level. The Ireblind Imp made mincemeat out of the most experienced players. It wasn't pretty.

Days later, much to my delight, a most helpful guildmate by the name of Darcasterr approached me....wondering, perchance, if I might like a little item she'd found recently on a successful Fear raid.

Thank you, Darc, for sparing me Fear...

To the Plane of Hate for the Eye of Innoruuk

If my luck with the Plane of Fear were good, my luck with the Plane of Hate was better. I never needed to even set foot there. During some training for the killing of Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen, I noticed that a guildmate of mine, Cintarra by name, was using a most interesting artifact in her casting. When I asked her about it she said "oh, this? it's a hand-me-down..something called the Eye of Innoruuk. Why, do you want it?". (silly question).

Thank you, Cin, for sparing me Hate...

Back to Timorous Deep to give Drendico the "reagents"

I returned forthwith to Timorous Deep to find Drendico still on his rocky home. Hardly wishing to turn over such powerful artifacts to one so clearly addled in the brain, I hesitated slightly. But there was nothing for it. The task needed completing...
Drendico Metalbones turns to you in amazement. 'You actually did it! These are the correct components! Kazen will be most pleased. I searched the planes for almost a year and could not find all the correct components.' Drendico fiddles with the components, puts them into a box and hands it to you. 'You must have access to an army, Drexxell. Return the components to Kazen quickly.'

(ed note: He gave me Prepared Reagent Box, which, despite its name is NOT a container)

Back to Lake Rathetear to give Kazen the Prepared Reagent Box

Kazen was working in his usual spot in Lake Rathetear when I approached him, knelt down, and presented Drendico's gift.
Kazen Fecae stares through you at the horizon, pausing as he reaches into his robes. Kazen pulls out a scythe with a shimmering black blade that seems too large to have been hidden there. As quickly and gracefully as it was displayed to you, it is returned to the void inside Kazen's robes. 'It is a creation of Miragul which was looted from his lair under the ice. Take this tome, it will be your final task for me as an apprentice.'
(ed note: He gave me the Tome of Instruction)
[You gain experience!!]

Before attempting to read the tome, I thought I'd get more information out of Kazen:

You say, 'Who is miragul?' (no response)
You say, 'what final task?' (no response)
You say, 'what scythe?' (no response)

I decided to open the tome and read my instructions...

Hoping for some more information, I tried again with Kazen...
You say, 'what father?'
You say, 'who is Gkzzallk?'
You say, 'what about gkzzallk?'

Heaving a great sigh, I trudged away, Hating and Fearing a return to the Plane of Sky....

Back to the Plane of Sky to find Gkzzallk

I was to return to the Plane of Sky, interrogate its denizens to find Gkzzallk, and then turn Kazen's Tome of Instruction over to Gkzzallk and bring back the result. Easy enough...I found a friendly wizard and soon was back on Thunder Spirit island. I was alone, in a zone that had killed dozens of my comrades on our last raid...I decided to talk to the Thunder Spirit Princess...
You say, 'Hail, a thunder spirit princess'

a thunder spirit princess says 'Greetings, travelers, welcome to the Plane of Sky! We are thunder spirits - this first island is our home. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. If you wish to go to other islands you may purchase keys from the Key Master.'

You say, 'What about Gkzzallk?'

a thunder spirit princess says 'Gkzzallk lives far above here. We often take him tea because he's so nice to us fairies! He likes to chat with the others who live here and can often be found in the temple up above. If you give me a bit of money, I can go make sure he is home.'

You say, 'How much money?' (no response)
You say, 'How much is tea?' (no response)

(ed note: Again, FOUL on SoE...if I hadn't read a cheat sheet on this, how would I know to give her 10 gp???)

a thunder spirit princess says 'Thank you, Drexxell. I will tell him to expect visitors.'

Invisibly, I gathered my keys from my previous tour of the Plane of Sky and began to investigate.

As it happens, Gkzzallk was directly in front of my nose when I teleported from Azarack Island to Gorgalosk Island! Not bothering to mince words with this fool, and fearful that my invisibility would not last, I simply handed him Kazen's Tome.

Gkzzallk screams as he touches the book. His body shimmers as he shrinks smaller and smaller until it's no larger than an insect. The book shimmers, shifting into the shape of a small, black box. Gkzzallk holds on to the opening of the box as he is sucked backward into it. The tiny screams are finally silenced as the box top closes.

Sigh...another loooooong jump home...

Back to Lake Rathetear for the last time!

With my patience for the tasks of Kazen truly at an end, I walked up to him and uncermoniously thrust the remains of his father into Kazen's hands.
Kazen Fecae grins wildly and his eyes flare a deep red. The scythe he promised you flies through the air and into your hand. 'Enjoy your toy, I have no more need of you as a servant.'

Kazen had presented me with the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul!

My new toy!

Quest complete, Feb 8, 2005.

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