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Last updated 08/07/2016.

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Hello, and welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons page. Like most of my game pages, this one emphasizes function over form. That is, you should find a lot of useful files and links here without a lot of flash. The page is laid out by edition, with the first section being "general" information that is relevant to all editions of D&D. Use, share, enjoy!

Generic Information Relevant to All Editions of D&D
Falling Damage
Home Made Miniatures
Character Sheets and Other useful Handouts
Reader's Guide to Gord the Rogue (PDF)

1st edition
Magic Resistance Table
Ring? Cape? Armor? Bracers? What works with what?
Sortable Table of every Deity and Plane in 1st edition

2nd edition
1st edition monks translated into 2nd edition

3rd edition
Complete set of skill tables for all 2-class multiclass characters
Translation of 1st edition Cthulhu Mythos monsters into 3rd edition

4th edition
With apologies to its fans, I never played 4th edition nor bought any of the books. Nothing to see here...move along.

5th edition
Well, I have the books, but haven't played it yet. My first trepidation came when I opened up the DM screen and saw no tables. I realized that something was different and I may have to actually read the books. Some day...