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Last updated 08/05/2016.

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Complete Set of Skill Tables for All 2-class Multi-class characters

When I first read the rules about skills for multi-class characters, I had some confusion. When Sage Advice sought to clear it up (Dragon #274), it was only somewhat alleviated. However, a careful reading of both the PHB and Dragon #274 can tell you that there are 2 important things to know about Multi-class skills:

  1. How ranks are bought with skill points (Answer: They are bought with the same sp/rank ratio of the class you just went increased in level)
  2. Your max ranks

Click below to bring up any combination and just print it out and use it!!

Updated on 3/13/2001 to include the Psionics Handbook! The abbreviations I've used are:

  1. Ego = Psion (Egoist)
  2. Nom = Psion (Nomad)
  3. Sav = Psion (Savant)
  4. Shp = Psion (Shaper)
  5. See = Psion (Seer)
  6. Tlp = Psion (Telepath)
  7. Psw = Psychic Warrior
Bbn/Brd Bbn/Clr Bbn/Drd Bbn/Ftr Bbn/Mnk Bbn/Pal Bbn/Rgr Bbn/Rog
Bbn/Sor Bbn/Wiz Bbn/Ego Bbn/Nom Bbn/Sav Bbn/Shp Bbn/See Bbn/Tlp
Bbn/Psw Brd/Clr Brd/Drd Brd/Ftr Brd/Mnk Brd/Pal Brd/Rgr Brd/Rog
Brd/Sor Brd/Wiz Brd/Ego Brd/Nom Brd/Sav Brd/Shp Brd/See Brd/Tlp
Brd/Psw Clr/Drd Clr/Ftr Clr/Mnk Clr/Pal Clr/Rgr Clr/Rog Clr/Sor
Clr/Wiz Clr/Ego Clr/Nom Clr/Sav Clr/Shp Clr/See Clr/Tlp Clr/Psw
Drd/Ftr Drd/Mnk Drd/Pal Drd/Rgr Drd/Rog Drd/Sor Drd/Wiz Drd/Ego
Drd/Nom Drd/Sav Drd/Shp Drd/See Drd/Tlp Drd/Psw Ftr/Mnk Ftr/Pal
Ftr/Rgr Ftr/Rog Ftr/Sor Ftr/Wiz Ftr/Ego Ftr/Nom Ftr/Sav Ftr/Shp
Ftr/See Ftr/Tlp Ftr/Psw Mnk/Pal Mnk/Rgr Mnk/Rog Mnk/Sor Mnk/Wiz
Mnk/Ego Mnk/Nom Mnk/Sav Mnk/Shp Mnk/See Mnk/Tlp Mnk/Psw Pal/Rgr
Pal/Rog Pal/Sor Pal/Wiz Pal/Ego Pal/Nom Pal/Sav Pal/Shp Pal/See
Pal/Tlp Pal/Psw Rgr/Rog Rgr/Sor Rgr/Wiz Rgr/Ego Rgr/Nom Rgr/Sav
Rgr/Shp Rgr/See Rgr/Tlp Rgr/Psw Rog/Sor Rog/Wiz Rog/Ego Rog/Nom
Rog/Sav Rog/Shp Rog/See Rog/Tlp Rog/Psw Sor/Wiz Sor/Ego Sor/Nom
Sor/Sav Sor/Shp Sor/See Sor/Tlp Sor/Psw Wiz/Ego Wiz/Nom Wiz/Sav
Wiz/Shp Wiz/See Wiz/Tlp Wiz/Psw Ego/Psw Nom/Psw Sav/Psw Shp/Psw
See/Psw Tlp/Psw