Drexxell's EQ Shaman Epic Scrapbook
(As told by Druul)

Explanation of this page

While this page can act as a "walk-through" to acquire the the Shaman Epic Weapon "Spear of Fate", it is presented in story form, with real screenshots leading up to my acquisition of the Spear. If you want a simplified walk-through please go to the walk-through on Allakhazam. If however, you'd like a more detailed look at how the quest fully pans out, then please walk with me through this quest. I hope you enjoy the journey.

A word about knowing what actions to take, and when: I found this quest to be missing significant pieces of information, as coded. In some cases, the action needing to be done has been underlined by me in the text. In other cases, I had to rely solely on the fact that others before me had done this quest and relied upon their prior knowledge. Only when I couldn't get the game to respond properly did I rely upon a-priori information.

All maps used on this page are copyright of EQAtlas, the greatest source for EQ maps and the sole reason that EQ was playable for many years. I highly recommend them.

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First created: 2010 Dec 06

Lesser Spirits Haunt Me

Nobody loves a wandering troll.

This simple statement was not known to me as a fact until very recently. As a member of the most beautiful race on Norrath, it never occurred to me that the reason we live so far from most other races was their outright hostility! And yet, my tale begins with me learning this very simple fact the hard way. Thankfully, this tale ends more positively than it begins....

Butcherblock Mountains

As I often have, I was wandering through the countryside, examining various plants and animals, attempting to identify new species. My wanderings took me to the valleys of the Butcherblock mountains, a place I'd not been before, though I knew somewhere herein was the home of the Dwarves, who had made war upon the glorious Trolls more than once. I wished to avoid them if possible.

Unfortunately, with my eyes on the plant life, my feet took me right into the heart of a bandit camp! I looked up to see that a small man stood before me. I thought that talking would be the right approach, but he had different ideas!

You say, 'Hail, Peg Leg'

Peg Leg says 'Pardon me. Is that my dagger in your back!!'

He attacked me! Well, I couldn't take that, and with a few spells and the help of my trusty wolf companion, this Peg Leg was soon dead at my feet.

(Ed. Note: Faction hits were:
Your faction standing with Butcherblock Bandits got worse.
Your faction standing with Storm Guard got better.
Your faction standing with Miners Guild 628 got better.)

Now, I would normally have washed my hands of this matter, but then the strangest thing happened. Over the dead body of this bandit was a translucent wolf form of some sort. As we shamen have a particular affinity for wolves, I thought I might speak to it.

You say, 'Hail, a lesser spirit'

a lesser spirit says 'Did you take this person's life, shaman?'

Now, I don't much care to be interrogated, especially by strange wolves, so I thought that for now, I'd best not admit to the deed, seeing as how I had no idea where this was leading....

You say, 'No'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. Farewell to you, wasichu.'

And just like that, he left. And it left me wondering...what is this "wasichu"? Why did this spirit appear? Should I have told the truth?

I could only conclude that this grove was somehow unsavory and decided to hop the soonest transport to a more remote domain to continue my herb collecting....

Ocean of Tears

I made my way westward, into Dwarf lands unfortunately. I knew there was a ship that would give me safe passage out of Butcherblock Mountains, but I'd need to pass by the Dwarves guarding the docks. Thankfully the spirits protected me and I walked unseen past their miniscule forms, tempted only for a moment to drop kick one of them into the Ocean of Tears.

The temptation passed, and I soon found myself safely aboard The Seaking, and sailing deep into the ocean. Some hours after our departure, I spied in the distance a lonely island, and though it certainly looked like the place to get away from the strange happenings of late. As I was the only passenger aboard, my dive overboard went unnoticed and I began the long swim.

As I approached the island it became clear that this island was inhabited by a tribe of Cyclopses. As I had no desire to interfere with them I made my way surrptitiously up a mountain away from them. Unfortunately I found that the island was also inhabited by a pack of pirates! Now, I was in no mood for their maliciousness, and was only seeking my own solitude, so I thought perhaps I could negotiate a truce with them. I approached their leader, a Captain Surestout. However, before I could so much as speak a word, he leapt to attack!

Captain Surestout says 'Dead men tell no tales!!'

With bitter regret, I defended myself, and found in the end no way to abate his anger but to take his very life. With his final breath, he yelled out:

Captain Surestout's corpse says 'You have run me through! Beware the Pirates of Gunthak.. They will avenge me. . . Unngh!!'

As I stood over his body, wondering at the way of things, I was startled to see a ghostly wolf form once again materialize before me! I thought perhaps I should once again speak to this creature, but perhaps be a little more truthful...but only a little more...

You say, 'Hail, a lesser spirit'

a lesser spirit says 'Did you take this person's life, shaman?'

You say, 'yes'

a lesser spirit says 'Why have you taken this person's life, Druul? Did he threaten your life? Did you dislike him? Or was his death a profit to you in some way?'

You say, 'I disliked him'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. Farewell to you, wasichu.'

And once again, he left without a further word. Now I was getting worried that somehow I was under siege by spirits! I immediately teleported myself out of there and began making plans to truly find an out of the way place. And then the idea hit me -- the Rathe Mountains! Without delay, I began the long, lonely journey to those most desolate of mountain ranges...

Rathe Mountains

The rain beat hard on my back for days as I trudged from my home in the Innothule Swamp westward through ogre territory and finally deep into the Rathe Mountains. I rarely raised my eyes, instead placing one foot before the other in an attempt to lose myself deep in the valleys of this out-of-the-way country.

By the time the sun came out, I found myself in a deep hidden valley, which I'd never visited before. Surely here I would find some solitude, and commune with the natural world and understand the meaning behind these spirit visits.

My luck, such as it is, had obviously run from bad to worse, as I found that rather than a lonely country, the Rathe Mountains were thick with bandits. Why is it that pirates and bandits settle in such beautiful lands? Have they no understanding of the peace such places should bring?

My patience being at an end, I approached the supposed leader of the bandit camp, intent on making this spot my own.

You say, 'Hail, Blinde the Cutpurse'

His failure to reply only angered me more, and before I could control my emotions, the staff in my arms was buzzing overhead to land squarely upon his head. Battle was joined!

Blinde the Cutpurse says 'Time to die Druul.'

"Think again", I thought to myself as spells and weapons flew and finally the entire bandit camp lay dead at my feet. I breathed a deep sigh of relief...that is, until I looked up and saw yet another lesser spirit hovering over the corpse of Blinde the Cutpurse. I was in no mood to be talkative, and yet curiosity would not let this occurrence sit idle.

You say, 'Hail, a lesser spirit'

a lesser spirit says 'Did you take this person's life, shaman?'

You say, 'yes'

a lesser spirit says 'Why have you taken this person's life, Druul? Did he threaten your life? Did you dislike him? Or was his death a profit to you in some way?'

You say, 'his death was a profit to me'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. Farewell to you, wasichu.'

Ok, so I hadn't spoken the truth, but these hauntings were destroying my sanity! With a gnashing growl and a cry of frustration, I whisked myself off of this spot and decided that I would truly find the most remote place I could and finally be at peace.

Field of Bone

At first I didn't even realize I was headed to Kunark, but the idea of staying on continents I knew too well was no longer appealing. I needed to get to lands where everything was new, and perhaps the lack of familiarity would assist me in focusing on my meditations.

I knew enough of Kunark to avoid the Iksar city itself, but as most transport went near there, I soon found myself in a barren countryside, outside of the city of Cabilis, covered with the skeletal remains of thousands of creatures, some of them animated...a veritable Field of Bone. Nothing terribly threatening was there, so I made my way across the field, northward toward the sea. As I finally stood on a cliff overlooking the sea, I caught sight of a small sea cave below me on the cliff face. This seemed finally to be a place where I could put down roots and leave the world behind.

Making my way down into the cave [Ed. Note: Marked "A" on the map to the right], it was immediately obvious that I had made a tactical error. Not only was the cave inhabited, it was an outpost for the Iksar! They gave me no chance to retreat, so it was a fight to the death with these creatures. The first guard, a "manslayer" swung his sword at me. I ducked, uppercut with a fist to his gut, and then followed with a magical shower of roots, poisons and disease, which finally left his corpse in a puddle before me.

And yes, to nobody's surprise, certainly not my own anymore, the haunting of a lesser spirit appeared over the corpse. I was beat. I was defeated. These spirits wanted something of me, and I was now finally prepared to treat with them truthfully. Perhaps this, in some small way, was my meaning in life...

You say, 'Hail, a lesser spirit'

a lesser spirit says 'Did you take this person's life, shaman?'

You say, 'yes'

a lesser spirit says 'Why have you taken this person's life, Druul? Did he threaten your life? Did you dislike him? Or was his death a profit to you in some way?'

You say, 'he threatened my life'

a lesser spirit says 'I see. It brings me sadness to see another die, but his heart was black and a great nothingness. His body will become the grass now. Thank you for what you have done, shaman.'

You say, 'what are you?'

a lesser spirit says 'What, or who, I am isn't as important as what, or who, WE are. Do you wish to know more, shaman?'

You say, 'I wish to know more'

a lesser spirit says 'That is good, Druul. Take this gem. It is a part of us like the clouds to the sky and is a wonderful gift from the grandfather. Take this gem to where the humans gather to spoil the land and water. Some call it a port. There you will find one of us, a shaman like yourself. Give him the gem and perhaps he will tell you more of the spirits.' [Ed. Note: He gave me "Tiny Gem"]

You say, 'Where is this place?' (no response)

You say, 'What name is he known by?' (no response)

Realizing that this spirit would tell me nothing more, I made my plans to return to the library of the Plane of Knowledge and research every "port" in the world....

[Ed. Note: Please note that any ONE of these four lesser spirits will start the quest. I merely told the story of all four to show completeness. Simply follow the prompts I used on the LAST one and that'll get you the Tiny Gem.]

A trip to Freeport

[Ed. Note: You'll need to be able to move about Freeport for a few minutes without being attacked, during this chapter. As such, be on friendly terms with humans or do what I did, which is have a potion of "Essence of Human" on hand before arriving.]

Nobody loves a wandering troll.

Did I mention this earlier? Well, I learned it again in Freeport, city of humans. I'd chosen Freeport for no better reasons than (a) it was a port and (b) it was a city of humans and (b) it had "port" in its name. I mean, who can blame me? There are literally dozens of port cities on the maps of the known world and I was at my wits end trying to figure out which one.

So, using the magic portals of the Plane of Knowledge, I found myself outside the stinking gates of this foul city. From the smell, to the glowering looks of the guards, I could tell this was a most unpleasant locale. Nonetheless, I had an entire city to search, and a shaman to find within it. I approached the guards with caution. And thankfully so! For at their sight of me I was chased across the gate and back into the portal of the Plane of Knowledge.

After gathering my breath, and my wits, I realized that this scare could not distract me from my quest. I returned to the outer lands of Freeport, avoiding the gate proper, and began looking around the city walls for some method of ingress that didn't involve guards. It was hot work in the blazing sun and I intended to take a break by leaning against a cool shady corner of the city walls. Imagine my surprise when I fell clean through! The wall had been illusion, but I was not yet so addled with heat as to lose sight of the danger I was in. I quickly got to my feet and found myself standing before one of the human northerners, a barbarian of sorts. What he was doing here so far from home was not immediately clear, but he obviously didn't pay me much mind. His attention was squarely on the half empty bottle of wine he was raising to his lips.

I scoffed. This...can not be the one. Sure the barbarians had Shamen of their own, but this...drunkard? I shook my head and he just looked at me. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try...

You say, 'Hail, Bondl Felligan'

Bondl Felligan burps loudly in your face and says, 'Bah! Leave me be, fool! You have nothin' I want and I certainly have nothin' you want.'

I contained my anger for the moment, my hands gripping tightly to my staff. He took another swig of wine and looked at me with cold, dead eyes. Could this be some test? Should I dare entrust the spiritual Tiny Gem to this sod? It seemed that I had little choice and would let the chips fall where they might. I handed the Tiny Gem to him. The result was unsurprising.

Bondl Felligan says 'WOW, thanks! This must be worth a fortune! I could drink for a month after sellin' this to one of them fool merchants. I'm going to see how much I can get for it right now!' [Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.]

Well, shoot! Now this fool has my gem, and was clearly about to head into the city to find a merchant. Realizing that I'd need to follow him to get the gem back, I quickly transformed myself into the ugly form of a human using a potion I'd brought along.

I followed his staggering footsteps out of the hidden cubby, through the illusionary wall and toward the Freeport gates, glad to be hidden in the form of a human. Partway to the gates he stopped, and turned to speak to me. [Ed. Note: He paused at LOC 878.82, -164.09, -68.81, which is in the courtyard outside of Freeport gates.]

Bondl Felligan says 'What!? You don't approve of me buyin' some drinks with this gem? Who the heck are you to offer me a gift and order me what to do with it? Is this some kinda conditional kindness? Well? Are you gonna let me buy some booze with this or not? '

Figuring it was "in for a penny, in for a pound" I agreed, and was quite surprised by his reply!

You say, 'You can buy booze'

Bondl Felligan suddenly becomes completely sober and says, 'Very well, shaman, please come with me.'

What the...? His instant sobriety immediately demanded my complete attention and I tried to get him to speak, but he wouldn't be distracted. He made a beeline for the gates, and once inside it was a short trip to the Jade Tiger Inn, where he marched me with authority to the basement. Once there, I knew that I'd made the right decision, as the ghostly form of a much larger wolf spirit was in the room. Bondl made some undecipherable offhand comment, but my attention was on the Greater Spirit.

Bondl Felligan says 'Here they are, my friend. They're ugly, but then again, aren't they all?'

You say, 'Hail, a greater spirit'

a greater spirit says 'Greetings, shaman. Tell me, do you follow [Justice], [War], [Fear], [Honor], [Hate] or do you follow your instincts [without a god] to pray to?'

You say, 'I follow Hate'

a greater spirit says 'While I do not agree with how you go about your existence, we do [trust] that your place in the whole is important. You may think you enslave and command us with the powers your gods grant you, but we are aware of your intentions and accept them. You are a hunter and the spirits are your prey. However, there are times when we, the [true spirits] and those like you, can work together to achieve goals, whether mutual or not. Some help us willingly and some we make deals with. Regardless of the intention, these special individuals are known as the [Heyokah].'

You say, 'what trust?'

a greater spirit frowns and continues, 'Trust is what keeps the universe from falling apart. However, one like yourself most likely could care less if that were to happen, so long as you were able to achieve your ambitions, so I wont bother to explain any deeper than this. We maintain harmony by trusting in those around us to do what is needed. You maintain harmony by intimidating those around you and being confident in your own mastery over your servants. Our paths differ but the goal remains the same. This is why we are willing to work with one such as yourself.

You say, 'what true spirits?'

a greater spirit says 'As a shaman, spirits are known to you. They aid you if you pay them homage and respect the world around you. They also will bend to your will if you are powerful enough. We are a part of the entire universe and we exist because people believe and feel us. However [very few] know us in this form. To mortals we are but ideas, [wisps of consciousness] in an expanse of emptiness and as difficult to grasp as breath in Everfrost.'

You say, 'What Heyokah'

a greater spirit says 'The Heyokah are our mortal counterparts. Some are our friends who seek to help us in whatever goals we deem important. Some seek nothing more than to enslave and command us to do their bidding. We accept this and often make deals with those we realize are powerful enough to accomplish what needs to be done. To judge such individuals, we have prepared a test. We ask that before we enter into these contracts, the shaman [walk the path] of the Heyokah. We see you may be worthy. Will you walk the path? You will be rewarded for your efforts, albeit grudgingly.' [Ed. Note: At this point he gave me "Opaque Gem"]

You say, 'who are the very few?'

a greater spirit says 'There are only a handful of mortals we've judged worthy to be friends and, reluctantly, masters. We call them the [Heyokah]. Bondl is one of them and he helps to test those we believe might be able to grasp our existence. There are many troubles that threaten us and our home. We seek those with the wisdom, patience, and might to help us ensure the health of the cosmos. Whether you seek balance or personal power, this is important to you.'

You say, 'what wisps of consciousness?'

a greater spirit says 'It is difficult for mortals to grasp what we are for we are not material that can be held or consumed. We are the spirit that drives beings to do what beings do. The wolf lives to run and hunt. When you ask for his aid, his spirit enters your body and you 'become' wolf. The ox is the personification of endurance and when he enters your body, you do not become an ox, you become all that is ox. I myself am the spirit of understanding.'

You say, 'I will walk the path'

a greater spirit says 'That is good, Druul. You will need to walk three paths before you can reach that of the Heyokah. The paths of patience, wisdom, and might. First, you must learn patience. Take this gem and go on a pilgrimage to an island in the great water the wasichu call Erud's Crossing. The Kerrans there are our allies and can show you to our next contact, Ooglyn. Give Ooglyn the gem and do what she asks. As you walk the path, remember what you've learned about trust.'
[Ed. Note: Greater Spirit departs at this point and Bondl Felligan, after a few minutes, walks back to the place he was originally found]

An unexpected swim in Erud's Crossing

[Ed. Note: You'll need to be able to stay underwater for a significant period of time duing this portion of the quest, so make sure you have some form of perpetual water breathing before you head to Erud's Crossing.]

Finding Ooglyn was a rather simple task, as she was a fine specimen of female Ogre. Some male Trolls out there are occasionally attracted to Ogres, but not me.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anyway, she was about as intelligent as I expected, though what awaited me at this point in the quest could not have been guessed. I approached her casually.

You say, 'Hail, Ooglyn'
br>Ooglyn says 'Ooooh, it you, Druul. Me's been waitin for you cuz our frenz say you comin an need da test. So's I gib you da test. Hmm, now where me put it? Ooglyn been waiting for sign for so long dat me forget where me put test. Keep your eyes out for sign while me look for test. Oh, hey, Druul, they gib you gem? I need dat gem, please, heheh.'

I handed her the Opaque Gem

Ooglyn says 'Ahhh, tank you, now me can...OH LOOK!! DA SIGN!!!! Oh, sorry you missed it. The sign show you where to wait for da test. Follow me...I like you so I take you there. We goin for a swim, Druul!' [Ed. Note. Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.]

With little fanfare, she began a somewhat zig-zagged march across the tiny island. Eventually though, she walked right to the water's edge and simply dove in, quickly submerging! I quickly attached my Fishbone Earring, and followed her. Deeper and colder the water became, and yet she continued to swim down. After almost 7 minutes of marching and swimming, she finally came to a halt, deep under the water of Erud's Crossing.

Ooglyn says 'Okay, this place. You wait here for test. Bye bye, now.' [Ed. Note: LOC: 1534.77, 4135.77, -291.15]

"Bye"? "BYE"? I thought. What on Norrath could there be to do here? What was all this about waiting?

33 seconds later someone appeared....

You say, 'Hail, Srafen the Soaked'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Why hello there! Ahh, it's good to see a new face down [here]. So you've come to [wait] with [us] eh? That is splendid! It's been getting very boring lately.'

You say, 'here?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Oh! Well this is where [we wait]. It's not much for looks but if you're lucky, a pretty fish will swim by. Oh, and once Dillon said he saw one of those fish women, a mermaid, he called it! Although, I'm not so sure of his state of mind, hehehe. He's been waiting here much longer than I.'

You say, 'wait with who?' [Sat Mar 06 08:06:56 2010] Srafen the Soaked says 'We've been waiting quite some time, really. I have been here the least amount of time, but that doesn't help keep the boredom away, heheh. What are we waiting for, you ask? HehehHAahahah! What are we waiting for?? Heheheh, what a silly question! It's quite obvious if you take the time to think about it. Heh. Ummm.. I'm really not sure.'

You say, 'who is us?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Well, there's me, Srafen. I've been down here for, can't quite remember, a number of years, I guess. If my wife saw the condition my clothes are in, she'd whack me, I'm sure, heheh. Although I'd bet she's long since dead, probably. Then there's Dillon. He says he's been here since those people up top in Erud blew that big hole in the ground. Not sure what happened but I guess it was a long time ago. Hmmmm, who [else]?'

You say, 'why do you wait?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'We've been waiting quite some time, really. I have been here the least amount of time, but that doesn't help keep the boredom away, heheh. What are we waiting for, you ask? HehehHAahahah! What are we waiting for?? Heheheh, what a silly question! It's quite obvious if you take the time to think about it. Heh. Ummm.. I'm really not sure.'

You say, 'who else is down here?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Oh! Well this is where [we wait]. It's not much for looks but if you're lucky, a pretty fish will swim by. Oh, and once Dillon said he saw one of those fish women, a mermaid, he called it! Although, I'm not so sure of his state of mind, hehehe. He's been waiting here much longer than I.'

Realizing I wasn't getting much more out of him, I proceeded to wait.

2 minutes 13 seconds later someone else appeared....

You say, 'who is Dillon?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well met again, Srafen. How goes it?'

Srafen the Soaked says 'Hey there, Dillon! Good to see you again, I think.'

You say, 'Hail, Dillon the Drowned'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Hey Srafen, who is this weirdo talking to me? Or is it another one of those funny illusions Froham keeps talking about?'

Srafen the Soaked looks around frantically a moment then laughs and says, 'Ohhh, them! Hehehe! This is a friend of mine come to wait with us. Isn't that exciting, Dillon? And it's not just an illusion, I don't think! Say, are you [an illusion], shaman?

You say, 'I am no illusion'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well ok, I was sent here a long time ago to wait. When I got here, I couldn't believe all the violence going on. Why would the spirits send me here to wait when all this fighting and commotion was going on, I wondered. There were great battles on the ocean in splendid ships made of pine and shining with [magical enhancements]. While I was waiting below, blasted, bloody body parts were floating down to the bottom of the ocean all around me.'

You say, 'what magical enhancements?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Yes, their ships were very strange, constructed in very unusual designs and all seemed to shine with a multicolored glow. I heard there was even a ship that could stay completely underwater for long periods of time. It had huge steel spikes protruding from the top of its hull used to 'swim' under enemy ships and puncture their hulls. I always thought that someday all this magic would cause something [disastrous] and eventually, it did.'

You say, 'what was disastrous?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well, one time, I was here waiting as usual. The fighting was particularly heavy up top, lots of banging and rumbling around. And suddenly there was a tremendous screech! I had to cover my ears, it was so loud, even down here. It felt like the water itself was being torn asunder; I could imagine what was happening above. After a few seconds of the screeching came a terrible tremor and rumbling. Great cracks opened up around me and water rushed to fill them, almost dragging me down into the gods know what. It calmed down a little while after that and there hasn't been any real fighting ever since. I suspect they're all dead now. For weeks afterwards, the water had a kind of dead taste to it. I became ill during that time.'

[Ed. Note: Nothing else can get them to speak, but they begin again on their own in about 1 minute and 31 seconds]

Srafen the Soaked says 'Hey Dillon, why don't you tell us again about what happened up top? You know, where they blew that big hole into the ground.'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Again? Oh I don't know Srafen, I don't want to [bore] our company, even if it is an illusion.'

You say, 'You won't bore me'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well ok, I was sent here a long time ago to wait. When I got here, I couldn't believe all the violence going on. Why would the spirits send me here to wait when all this fighting and commotion was going on, I wondered. There were great battles on the ocean in splendid ships made of pine and shining with [magical enhancements]. While I was waiting below, blasted, bloody body parts were floating down to the bottom of the ocean all around me.'

You say, 'what magical enhancements?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Yes, their ships were very strange, constructed in very unusual designs and all seemed to shine with a multicolored glow. I heard there was even a ship that could stay completely underwater for long periods of time. It had huge steel spikes protruding from the top of its hull used to 'swim' under enemy ships and puncture their hulls. I always thought that someday all this magic would cause something [disastrous] and eventually, it did.'

You say, 'what was disastrous?'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Well, one time, I was here waiting as usual. The fighting was particularly heavy up top, lots of banging and rumbling around. And suddenly there was a tremendous screech! I had to cover my ears, it was so loud, even down here. It felt like the water itself was being torn asunder; I could imagine what was happening above. After a few seconds of the screeching came a terrible tremor and rumbling. Great cracks opened up around me and water rushed to fill them, almost dragging me down into the gods know what. It calmed down a little while after that and there hasn't been any real fighting ever since. I suspect they're all dead now. For weeks afterwards, the water had a kind of dead taste to it. I became ill during that time.'

2 minutes 31 seconds later Dillon and Srafen decide to leave....

Srafen the Soaked says 'Okay, well, I've had enough. Yet again, we've waited for nothing. Sometimes I really wonder if the spirits are real after all. Well I for one am going to go find something fun to do - this is obviously a waste of time. Come with me, shaman, it'll be great fun! Farewell Dillon.'

Dillon the Drowned says 'Hey wait! I'm coming with!'

I followed their discourse, and watched them begin to swim away Northeast. Should I follow? Was this part of the quest? I was torn, but decided to stay put. I figured I could always return to Ooglyn for more instructions...

5 minutes 52 seconds later someone else appeared....

You say, 'Hail, Froham the Forgotten'

Froham the Forgotten looks up at you and mumbles a brief greeting. He appears uncomfortable around others.

You say, 'who are you?'

Froham the Forgotten glances up at you, fiddling with his bony fingers and mumbles, 'Mmmm me name's Froham..I'm 'ere [waitin].'

You say, 'what are you waitin for?'

Froham the Forgotten . just waitin' . . . it'll [be ere soon], I s'pose.

You say, 'who will be ere soon?'

Froham the Forgotten obviously has trouble communicating. He shifts uncomfortably and says, 'Well I'm not sure, but it's real important. I been 'ere fer a [long time], a real long time. So I'll keep waitin' til it comes'

You say, 'how long time?'

Froham the Forgotten says 'Been 'ere since Erud sailed over with his friends. They let me catch a ride on their ship after I told them I needed to come 'ere to wait. He was a nice fella, real smart. Though I'm thinkin' he's dead by now. Maybe [Abe] knows fer sure. Abe's been here longer'n me, even.'

You say, 'Who is Abe?'

Froham the Forgotten says 'Yeah, Abe's an old guy. Well, he's kinda beyond bein' old if ye know what I mean. Not all together either. His mind floats all over like the sea around us. But he's got enough sense to wait here like he's done fer, well, fer dang near ever. If ye see him, and he ain't much fer talkin' straight, ask him about [a broken arrow]. Not sure what it means to him but it seems to bring him around.' [Ed. Note: I could not discover any combination of text with "a broken arrow" to get him to respond.]

4 minutes 51 seconds later Froham decides to leave....

Froham the Forgotten sighs heavily and says, 'Looks like it's not comin'. You know, Abe told me of a great treasure a ways away from here, guarded by one o' them girls with the fish tails. I always wanted to go but those two jokers, Dillon and the other young one, never had the guts. Why don't ye come with me, shaman? We'll split the treasure fifty-fifty, fair and square.'

As I did with Srafen and Dillon, I shook my head negatively and let Froham swim away Northeast. I would wait for this "Abe"...

3 minutes 7 seconds later Abe showed up...

You say, 'Hail, Abe the Abandoned'

Abe the Abandoned turns his head slowly toward you but his eyes never come into focus. You can't tell if he's looking at you, behind you, or right in front of his own face. Then ,suddenly, he shouts at the top of his lungs, 'HOOOOKAAAHEEEEYYYY! I AM [ABE]!'

You say, 'Who are you Abe?'

Abe the Abandoned says 'Nothing is hidden. All is discernible if you only know where to look and you have the right [eyes]. Don't be angry with me if you can't get your eyes right to see what you're looking for. I'd lend you mine but I don't wear the same size.'

You say, 'what eyes?'

Abe the Abandoned begins to draw a picture in the mud with his finger although it doesn't seem to make any sense at all. He points to his picture and nods approvingly at you, saying, 'You see? The curtains fell and it was naught but a dream upon a landscape that we thought we knew. The dream of the [Combine] fulfilled when we finally trimmed our fingernails and looked into the mud. And now we are abandoned, in a world that none can see, no one has the eyes.'

You say, 'What about the Combine?'

Abe the Abandoned shakes his head in amusement and says, 'Heheheh, yeah, you'd think so, wouldn't you? But I guess not'

You say, 'What about a broken arrow?'

Abe the Abandoned's eyes suddenly come into focus, looking deep into your own and says, 'There was a time when we cared for the world and trod with the spirits along the paths of the cosmos. We built many great things and worked to preserve what was. I came here to wait for an answer when we began to die off. We could not figure why this was and I was chosen to come here and commune with our friends. We carved an arrow, and everyone who was left shaved a sliver of wood from it. We let it drop to hallowed ground and our highest shaman stepped on it, breaking it. I've been waiting here for so long. So, so long, to give it to the spirits, and thank them.'

Abe the Abandoned says 'Shaman? My time will soon be at hand and I fear I will never see our friends again. But the arrow must be given, our holy broken arrow. Shaman, will you bear our obligation and [give them the arrow]? You will know who to give it to when it is time.'

You say, 'I will give them the arrow'

Abe the Abandoned removes a quiver slung across his shoulder and solemnly hands it to you without a word.[Ed. Note: He gave me "Broken Arrow". However, please note that this item is completely useless and it seems to take no part in the entire epic quest. Whether you do or do not remember to ask Abe for the Broken Arrow will have no effect on your quest.]

18 seconds later Abe decides to leave....

Abe the Abandoned suddenly gasps and says, 'I have found it! I know the answer! Come with me and I will tell you. Eyes are everywhere and this knowledge is not for everyone. Finally my centuries of waiting are over hahahaha! Follow me Shaman!

Abe seemed to be as crazy as the others (more so, even). He obviously was not the reason for coming here. So, as I did with Srafen, Dillon and Froham I stood my ground and decided that I would have patience yet...

1 minute 2 seconds later my patience is finally rewarded....

You say, 'Hail, a greater spirit'

a greater spirit says 'You have walked the path of patience and you now know what to expect. We are watchers. Our eyes are everywhere and we must be patient and quiet else we may miss what could be harmful. Can you sit still quietly and wait for just the right moment, then open your eyes with a fury and act with all the energy you have cultivated? Timing is everything, and without patience you cannot be sensitive to timing. You have shown your patience here and we believe you are ready to walk the [next path].'

a greater spirit says 'You know trust and patience. But before we can allow you to act in our name, we must know that when you do decide to act, you will make the right choices. We must ask that you now walk the path of wisdom. You must walk to the great plains and search out one of us. He is a wanderer, and it is his nature to drift with the winds and weather doing what he can to ensure understanding and longevity to all that respect their home. He will not be easy to find, though, and you must remember what you have learned down here to succeed in finding him. When you do, give him this gem and follow his instructions.'[Ed. Note: He gave me "Small Gem". Also, note that he refuses to take "Broken Arrow" and also refuses any further conversation. Also, I swam Northeast to try and find the other 4 mobs from earlier, but they were all gone by then.]

The Greater Spirit seemed to be done with me, and so I bowed low, swam off and then gated myself home. The Greater Spirit had directed me to "the great plains". That could mean only one thing: I was headed for the Karanas.

Wandering in the Western Plains of Karana

[Ed. Note: You'll need either need a tracker or some incredible patience (more than you had on the last part of the quest) to find this little bugger. Many kudos go out to Rithis, of the Wayfarers of Veeshan, for the map which shows the more or less random track that Wandering Spirit takes over a few hours.]

Nobody loves a wandering troll.

Oh yeah, I said that already. Twice. But this time I meant it, for it was in the vast, wild western portion of the Western Plains of Karana that I wandered, and wandered, and wandered. I was unsure just what I was looking for, besides some form of spirit who was also wandering. I spent days there, trying to ask the locals if they had seen a wandering spirit, but was always chased away. Nobody loves a wandering troll.

Deciding that my random attempts to find this creature were amounting to nothing, I enlisted the aid of my good friend and fellow guildmate Allegretta, Druidess and tracker extraordinaire. No sooner had she joined me in Karana, but she immediately announced "Wandering Spirit on Track!". I followed her immediately.

Expecting something wolf-like, I was surprised to be led up to a fairly simple looking Will-o-wisp. But as I approached, I realized this was somewhat larger than a standard wisp, and it behaved quite a bit differently. I approached quietly and respectfully made my acquaintance.

You say, 'Hail, a wandering spirit'

a wandering spirit stops and flashes brightly for a moment. It seems to be regarding you with interest.

Hmmm...no answer. Hoping that I had the correct fellow, I took out the Small Gem and held it out to the blue fuzzball.

a wandering spirit says 'Oh, it is you, shaman! Good! You must hurry before it's too late. Go now to the Mountains they call Rathe and find them! They need your help quickly! They will know you when they see you and instruct you on how you can help, but you must hurry!'[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.]

Who? Who needs me? Unfortunately, the spirit wandered away, unwilling to say anything further....

Finding some people who need my "help" in the Rathe Mountains....

It seemed that the spirits felt that my "test of patience" would persist long after Erud's Crossing. I mean, the Rathe Mountains are HUGE! How on Earth would I find someone who needs my help quickly!?

Thankfully the people of the Rathe Mountains were a bit more friendly to trolls, and I wasn't as harassed as I was in the Karanas. But it was no simple feat to find someone who actually needed my help. So I systematically began asking everyone I found if they were in need of my help. After a grueling number of days, my luck finally turned. Standing at an overturned cart was an armor clad human, who seemed in dire need of help indeed!

You say, 'Hail, Glaron the Wicked'

Glaron the Wicked says 'Are you the one they sent to help our cause? I should have known they would send a green witch doctor to serve Bertoxxulous and myself. Very well, you will have to suffice. I have a [task] you must fulfill if you wish to know the blessing of my god and impress your masters.'

You say, 'what task?'

Glaron the Wicked brandishes a long, wicked-looking bone dagger and there is a horrid, diseased stench as soon as he unsheathes it. He draws another blade, shorter and wider than the first, of blackened bone with a larger than normal hilt, obviously for defense. He says, 'This festering blade is called Woe, and this scorched one is called Envy. They were created on the Plane of Decay by Bertoxxulous' own hands. He has judged me worthy of the protection of such holy relics. However, there is one in these very mountains who seeks to destroy these relics. End this idiot follower of Marr's life and bring me proof.'

Now, I was no lover of the followers of Marr, but then again I held no love for Bertoxxulous's scabby followers either. And this jerk's attitude toward the ways of the Shaman rubbed me the wrong way too. Everything about this stank. Something was wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

And then it hit me -- this idiot needed my help alright. He needed me to help him into the waiting arms of his festering god! The ways of the shaman were not to be trifled with, and I immediately set my quarterstaff to the side of his skull! He attempted to give battle, but was quickly overrun by my superior battle skills.

Stooping to pick up his so-called unholy blades, I wrapped them in a cloth, and proceeded around the Rathe Mountains, looking for others who needed my "help"....

It was a few days later, and my frustration had grown. Certainly the Wandering Spirit had said "they" need my help. There must be some other silly sod around here who would fit that bill! When my spirits were lowest (no pun intended), he finally showed his gleaming, smiling, goody-two-shoes face...

You say, 'Hail, Tabien the Goodly'

Tabien the Goodly says 'Oh thank Marr you are here, Druul. I was beginning to think I would be abandoned in my time of need. I have a [task] for you to complete in the name of my patron Mithaniel Marr.'

You say, 'what task?'

Tabien the Goodly display his shield that must once have been shining and regal but is now scoured in cuts, dents, and chipped paint. He says, 'This shield is known as Marr's Promise. It is a sacred relic that was actually used by one of Mithaniel's angels on the Plane of Valor. Its value to our church is immeasurable and I have been charged with the protection of it. However, a patriarch of the false god, Bertoxxulous, is after my shield and me. He must be stopped! Please, destroy him and bring me proof of his death.

Interesting... Here indeed was the very victim that Glaron had sent me after. It seemed he was unaware of the untimely death of his foe. And it also seemed he was unaware of his danger. For I had made up my mind, in my days of wandering, that I had been sent here to prove the wisdom of my choices. And the greatest wisdom of the Shamen was balance. Surely it would be unbalanced for me to remove one follower of Bertoxxulous and leave a follower of Marr behind? Tabien soon found out the pain of a Troll's "wisdom"....let us hope he quickly found comfort in the arms of his god.

I strapped the "holy relic" to my backpack, and trudged off, hoping that the word "they" had meant two people only.

Wandering in the Western Plains of Karana (redux)

I called upon my good friend Allegretta again to port me and track us back to the Wandering Spirit in Western Karana. As usual, he was floating around, humming a little tune to himself. Unpacking the three relics recently acquired in the Rathe Mountains, I hailed him.

You say, 'Hail, a wandering spirit'

a wandering spirit stops and flashes brightly for a moment. It seems to be regarding you with interest.

I handed the pile to him all at once, but he thought about each one in turn, saying 'You are close to passing the test, keep up the good work.' until he had seen all three items. Then he paused...

a wandering spirit nods somberly and takes the items. After a moment, he says, 'It is unfortunate that it came to this, but nothing else was to be done. Both paragons had lost sight of their virtues to protect the items given to them. The mere protection of these material belongings was not as important to Mithaniel Marr or Bertoxxulous as it was that they act with righteousness in their minds and purpose in their hearts. You saw this and acted accordingly. For that, we will reward you with the three treasures made into one to ward off the falsehood of possession, the [Shield of Falsehood]. You have walked the path and now, as your final test, we must set you along one [last path].[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.]

You say, 'What shield of falsehood'

a wandering spirit says 'Yes, I have taken Marr's Promise along with Woe and Envy and fashioned them together to create the Shield of Falsehood. Wield this in defense of possession and the weakness that comes with hoarding treasure instead of using it to accomplish your goals. May it serve you well, Troll.'[Ed. Note: He gave me Shield of Falsehood.]

You say, 'what is the last path?'

a wandering spirit says 'You have trusted us along the paths we have set before you. You have been known to be patient and await the right moment. And now, you have learned the wisdom to act in our best interest. However, one last path awaits, to determine if you have the ability to act out what must be done. There are many troubles about the world we try to rub out but none is more serious than the curse on what the wasichu call the Emerald Jungle. Go there and find one of our spirits. Show them the gem you have been given and follow the path they set you on.'[Ed. Note: He gave me Sparkling Gem.]

So it was off to the Emerald Jungle....

My first (but far from last) trip to the Emerald Jungle...

I had not been to the Emerald Jungle before, so was unprepared for the trip back in time! It was as lovely a place as one might imagine, full of swamps and thick, dense trees. But the creatures were mindless eating machines...giant leeches, raptors ready to rip you to shreds. It was homey, to say the least. I wished I could return here one day. Turns out, I'd be back over and over again...

I had done some research and knew that travelers in this region had reported "ghostly wolves" inhabiting some of the abandoned towers near the City of Mist, so those were my first target. An overland trek and a few cautious peeks into these towers, and sure enough, I found one!

You say, 'Hail, Spirit Sentinel'

Huh...he ignored me! I was unsure if I had found the right creature, but taking a chance, I withdrew the Sparkling Gem and held it before his might jaws. With barely a motion, he took it in his muzzle, swallowed it, and spoke!

Spirit Sentinel says 'Ahh, you live, shaman! I am glad the beasts of this jungle haven't torn your body asunder. Tell me, do you still walk the path? Are you willing to [continue what you have started]?'[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.]

You say, 'I still walk the path' (no response)

You say, 'I will continue what I have started'

Spirit Sentinel says 'This brings happiness to our hearts and we are grateful. However, we must ask you to walk one more path before you can become a true Heyokah. With trust, one can focus on what is important. With patience, one can perceive what is harmful. With wisdom, one can know what must be done. These, you have learned, yet without the might to carry out what must be done, all is for naught. Are you [prepared to walk the path of might]?'

You say, 'I am prepared to walk the path of might'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Good, good, Do you know this place, Druul, this forest? The wasichu call it the Emerald Jungle, but we know it only as the terrible place. Where there is no spirituality, we are weak. The lost city in the middle of this jungle is a great void of belief not only absent of spirituality, but actually draining it from others. We are here to neutralize that void. The void is like the sky, and nothing escapes its gaze. If it senses us, it will drain us away and sometimes it turns our minds, making us [like the wasichu], crazy for things with no meaning.'

You say, 'How are you like the wasichu?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Yes, there are some of us who have turned their backs on our world and struggle for possessions and power over others. These lost ones are our brothers and we cry for them. Our hearts are in pain like bleeding wounds when we think of them. The path of might will lead you to one of our lost brothers. We are afraid there is nothing we can do for him now, so you must eliminate him when you [find him].'

You say, 'How will I find him?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'He left us long ago and walked the land for ages. He soon met a man, one of the pointy-ears that live underground. This man was like a void just like the one over that terrible place now. Our Brother-Friend was attracted to this man's desire and ambition. He no doubt thought that he could get what he wanted in service of this [dark point ear] who denied his own creator.'

You say, 'What dark point ear?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'After our brother began traveling with this point-ear, they became shrouded in a darkness we could not peer through. The point-ear was a powerful being and we soon lost their trail. We have no idea where he could be now. Although, after all these centuries, he has no doubt been gathering and cultivating his wealth and power. He must be an incredibly influential being at this point. Find this point-ear and draw our brother out, then destroy him and bring us proof. We await your return in somber mourning.'

I bowed low before the Spirit Sentinel. Already my mind was a-whirl...a dark, pointy-eared, underground dweller..."a void"..."a powerful being"...."an incredibly influential being". I knew the name of this dark point-ear, and I knew the name of his lair. They were one in the same.


To find, and put to rest, a lost brother in Mistmoore Castle

Every Shaman on Norrath, whether they be Troll, Ogre or Barbarian knew of the void of spirituality that was Castle Mistmoore. I had been there many times in my youth, and relished the chance to return, and put the restless souls back in their graves. But that was not my mission today. Today I was to find a "brother-friend", perhaps a wolf, perhaps a will o wisp, perhaps something else, and put and end to its twisted life.

I was not eager to end the life of a spiritual brother, but the words of the Spirit Sentinel rang in my ears: "We are afraid there is nothing we can do for him now, so you must eliminate him when you find him."

Taking my best traveling companion, Denelan, a female Drakkin of some fighting prowess, we made our way through the faery-ridden realm of the Lesser Faydark forest and entered the lair of Mayong Mistmoore.

We had discussed strategy ahead of time...that wolves and will-o-wisps were to be approached cautiously. All others were to be destroyed on sight. Our plan was to clear the outer courtyards first, and then move deeper into the castle as needed. However entering the castle wasn't necessary, as the object of my quest was found outdoors, in a private little corner of the lawn. A huge black wolf, a Black Dire I realized, surrounded by smaller wolves, was holding court. I cautiously approached the Dire, and made myself known. He regarded me as an ally, and so I approached closer still.

You say, 'Hail, Black Dire'

Black Dire says 'So, you've come. I suppose my brothers have sent you to lead me back to their flock. Those fools are so blinded by their devotion they know nothing of life. If they only knew the power I've become, the luxuries I've amassed, the pleasures I've known, they too would leave that sour and unrewarding existence in seconds. You know, you could come to know what I have, shaman. You found me, which speaks of your intelligence; we could use you. What do you say, Druul? [Will you join] my master Mayong Mistmoore?'

You say, 'I will NOT join you'

Black Dire says 'Good shaman, now bare your neck that I may show our master your devotion in death. The more blood you spill upon the grass, the more impressed our Lord Mistmoore will be. Then maybe, just maybe, you will be allowed to scour our kitchen floors in the eternity of unlife. TEAR him to pieces, my wolves!'

The pack of wolves leapt as one at Denelan and I. Fur, fangs, shields and swords all collided in a mess of battle. Howls of pain from wolves were heard until finally the Black Dire and its followers lay dead and dying, blood pooling in the dark grass, gleaming in the moonlight. How would I show proof of this deed, I wondered? Nothing short of skinning the entire creature would do, so with dagger in hand, I decided to remove the entire Black Dire Pelt.

Denelan kept the other denizens of Mistmoore at bay while I worked. Finally it was over, and the massive bloody pelt was stored in my traveling pack. "Wonderful," I thought, "this will smell worse than the Innothule Swamp at low tide before I get it back to the Emerald Jungle."

There being nothing for it, I hefted my pack and Denelan and I made our way back to the Emerald Jungle.

We return to Emerald Jungle and learn of the darkness in the forest...

[Ed. Note: Make sure you have an open slot before doing this turn in, as you will be receiving a container.]

Denelan and I made our way back to the Emerald Forest, saddened at having to take the life of a brother, but glad to have set his spirit free. I found the Spirit Sentinel in the same location as before, and knelt before him, laying the Black Dire Pelt at his feet.

Spirit Sentinel begins to weep softly as he sees the pelt, battered and bloody. After a few moments, he says, 'We can only hope his passing was quick and painless. The Dire was powerful and yet you overcame him. Always remember that when you became [Heyokah], it was the passing of a noble, yet misguided being that allowed you to do so. You should hold a special place in your heart for him and what he was in life. To help you remember him, we will fashion this pelt into a pair of boots and give them to you. With every step you take, you must think on the Dire, else his death be in vain forever.'[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better. Also, he gave me "Black Fur Boots"]

Spirit Sentinel says 'Yes, you have walked the Path of the Heyokah to its end. You have become what few have and we will now call to you as Heyokah Druul. From now on, you are a direct link between the spirits and man. Whether your goals are to help us or master us, you are welcomed. Though there is little time for celebration. Do you feel the darkness of this place, the forest? To eyes not trained to see beyond physical appearances, it seems like any other forest. But you know, as do we, of the mantle over the city threatening all of us. We must [rub it out].'

You say, 'How do we rub it out?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'There are many such mantles scarring the universe and each is very different from the last. Removing them requires that we learn how they were created and go about reversing the damage done. We cannot enter under the mantle for long which is why we search out Heyokah such as yourself. We need you to enter the city and find out what you can about the [city's demise]. We hope you will do this for the cause of balance but if you desire none but your own power, we shall grant that as well.'

You say, 'What city's demise?'

Spirit Sentinel says 'It was known as Torsis. During its history it amassed great wealth and power yet it eventually crumbled. No one understands what happened. The men of the world ask themselves how a nation as successful as Torsis could ever fall. Some blame plague, internal unrest, the constant encroachment of the forest, and marauding bands of monsters but we alone know what happened. Just as Tabien and Glaron lost sight of their spiritual paths, so did Torsis. Without the awe and inspiration of that which was greater than themselves, they eventually withered away. The mantle was born long before the last days, though, and what we need to learn is [how it all began].'

You say, 'I will learn how it all began'

Spirit Sentinel says 'Excellent! Go into the city and gather what evidence you can. The ghosts who still walk the streets may hoard precious memories that will aid us. Take this booklet and combine what you find in it. Then bring me the completed report. From there, we will know where to look next.'[Ed. Note: He gave me Ancient Journal, a 6 slot container.]

So...Torsis, the City of Mist. I took a deep breath, and strengthened my resolve. This was not going to be easy...

Investigating in the City of Mist

[Ed. Note: Five of the six items you're after here will drop off of anything. The sixth, "Student's Log" is a rare drop off of "Spectral Courier", a rare mob in the stables. ALSO, you will eventually need a "Stone Key" which drops off of the Captain of the Guard, who is a random spawn all over the zone, and he always drops the key. Make sure you get one, or better yet, make sure everyone in your party gets one, for later.]

Denelan and I had seen the shadows of Torsis's walls as we made our way through the Emerald Jungle. It would appear that we would soon be entering that accursed city. We checked our supplies, and took a brief rest, and headed in.

The city was full of mutated humans, oozes, golems and various undead. Everything seemed intent on attacking us, and so we were hard-put to survive within the city walls. Nonetheless, Denelan's skill with the blade kept most monsters at bay, and soon I began to realize that many of them had picked up some very interesting pieces of lore over the years.

But what did all this mean? Before I could turn in a completed report to the Spirit Sentinel, I knew that I had better read and fully understand each of these documents. I found refuge just outside of the City of Mist, spread the six documents out in front of me and read...[Ed. Note: Although these documents identify as 1 through 6, I have not listed them in that order, but instead by the order which seems to be "chronological" of the events they describe.]
These were the words of the Personal Diary Page:

I heard last night that there was some kind of commotion at the castle. Guards were shouting, spells went off throughout the halls and many died. Some say there was an assassination, some say a band of frogloks attacked under the command of a dragon, some even say there was some divine intervention. I have no idea why any god would strike against Lord Rak Ashiir. He is a paragon for the cause of Cazic-Thule. I hope whatever it was sticks to attacking the castle and not my shop though.
[Ed. Note: Written in Lizardman. Identifies as "Report Information 1 of 6"]
These were the words of the Written Announcement:

Hear all Torsis! It is with great regret that we inform you of our Queen, Neh Ashiir's disappearance. Our best scouts have begun searching the surrounding countries for her trail. The Lord Rak Ashiir also authorized the hire of mercenaries to venture into the Froglok Territories to search for traces of the Queen. All interested parties should report to the royal Quartermaster's office. Fear not citizens, our Queen will be found. Wisdom guide us.
[Ed. Note: Written in Lizardman. Identifies as "Report Information 4 of 6"]
These were the words of the Merchant's Letter:

The list should all be in order except for the swatches of silk. I won't need such a large order in this quarter. Her Divinity Drian made it known to me that they would not need as many new robes this coming season as "none were quite ready to don them." My colleagues have all been confirming that the church is buying less and less these days. It seems Rak Ashiir has decided the royal donation to be cut. However I'm sure we'll find new customers soon and our orders will be back to normal shortly.
[Ed. Note: Written in Lizardman. Identifies as "Report Information 3 of 6"]
These were the words of the Crier's Scroll:

Hear all of Torsis! Our beloved Lord Rak Ashiir will be appointing another High Priest into the Cazic-Thule clergy in two days. A festival will be held in honor of the event and the High Scale will be present to judge various contests of skill in arms. Booths will be set up selling various wares and food to all. Cazic guide us all.
[Ed. Note: Written in Lizardman. Identifies as "Report Information 2 of 6"]
These were the words of the Priest's Diary Page:

Well it appears our Lord Rak Ashiir in his "wisdom" has cut our church's donation yet again. He claims it is to bolster the ranks of our garrison as many were wiped out during the Froglok incursions. However, I see more and more soldiers everyday, more than I ever have. And they are all equipped in the best armors the city's smiths can craft. This along with the recent replacement of our Bishop Screks with that coin grubber Biliaz leads me to suspect our King is planning on all but destroying our church entirely. I don't understand it, perhaps his missing Queen has driven him mad.
[Ed. Note: Written in Lizardman. Identifies as "Report Information 5 of 6"]
These were the words of the Student's Log:

Missed mass again today. This is the third time this week now. It is a worthy sacrifice however as I was able to attend the Master's National Coin exchange class. Perhaps the clergy will change the time of their masses, then I'll be able to attend regularly. Although with the appointment of the new Arch Priest it appears mass may be discontinued altogether. I honestly hope so. I could attend many more classes as well as spend more time rubbing elbows with merchants at the bazaars. I think I'll have to miss tomorrow's mass as well. I heard the Laughing Leech Guild is taking members again.
[Ed. Note: Written in Lizardman. Identifies as "Report Information 6 of 6"]

So, these papers told a story....something about a missing queen, a distraught king, and the gradual replacement of the standing clergy with a more merchant-oriented class. But it was all so confusing! Nonetheless, I wrote in the Ancient Journal, combining all of the information I could from these 6 papers, and prepared my completed report.

Third trip to the Emerald Jungle to turn in a Completed Report

Denelan and I trekked along the well worn path we'd made to the Spirit Sentinel, the Complete Report in my hands. As I had done with the Black Dire Pelt, I laid this at his feet. He proceeded to read my report carefully.

Spirit Sentinel says 'Ahhh good, let us hope what you have found will point us in the right direction. Hmmm...this is interesting. It appears the disappearance of the first queen may have caused Rak'Ashiir's faith to decline. From there, the first King Rak laid down the groundwork for the city's eventual demise. We need to learn what happened to the queen. Perhaps bringing this knowledge to the King's now cursed form will lift the mantle. We've learned that the last lord of Torsis, Ghiosk, was a bit of a historian. Find him and see what you can learn about the queen. Take what you find to my brother here In the jungle beneath the murky waters of a pond.'[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.]

Back into the City of Mist to see what Ghiosk knows

[Ed. Note: You will need Stone Key (see previous Editors Note) to open the door to the back room where the "Black Reavers" are, and in which you will also spawn Lord Ghiosk.]

Denelan had business elsewhere, so my good friend Puzzle took her place and along with our friend Dustring, we made our way back into the shadowy City of Mist. Having consulted with some ancient maps of the City, we knew that Lord Ghiosk kept his offices in the rear room of the keep, and so that meant working our way to the back of the city proper.

Since the place was becoming somewhat familiar, navigating the streets was easier. It was possible for us to make our way right back to the keep without significant resistance. Many of the creatures were mindless, and if given wide berth, simply ignored our passage.

We soon found our way before the main keep. Puzzle tried the lock, but found it sealed shut. He was just about to unpack his lockpicks when I remembered a strange key we'd looted earlier from a skeleton wearing a guard captain uniform. I quietly indicated that we should try this first.

I handed the key to Puzzle, and he and Dustring stood ready. Puzzle unlocked the door, and peaked inside. Two long rows of Black Reavers were inside. One by one, Puzzle lured each out through the front door to find its demise at our hands. Finally, when the room was clear, Lord Ghiosk chose to make his appearance! With no particular words of importance, he sprang right at us, attempting to convince us to join him in undeath. However his plans were not to be, and soon his soul was at final rest. As his spirit departed the last remnants of his body, he dropped the last mortal treasures to which he had clung, even in undeath. I knelt and gathered up the treasures, which included three fantastically old historic tomes.

As before, I knew that some clue was to be found in these musty old tomes. The Spirit Sentinel knew it, and I would find out what it was before returning to him. I cautiously opened the first, then the second and the third. A full picture of the history of Torsis was beginning to be laid bare before me...

These were the words of the tome "Crusades of the High Scale":

Throughout the history of the High Scale it was common for the knights to practice complete celibacy. It wasn't until the controversial Kirn was given the hallowed title that contact between the sexes became tolerated. While Kirn wasn't the mightiest of the High Scales he was able to achieve many great victories in the name of our Lord of Fear. One being the battle known as the Bone Rending when Kirn lost his fabled whip, Thriaxis' Tail, and was still able to defeat scores of his enemies using his hands only. Before this battle many believed Kirn could not fulfill his duties as a leader and patriot for the people. However Kirn's might and his lecture on the use of females in religious crusade and duty convinced the public that celibacy had its place in divinity but non-celibacy also had a place and value within the church. A shrine depicting Kirn among many women was constructed in rememberance of his controversial reign although his corpse was never brought back for burial as it was lost far across the ocean among distant brothers in faith.

These were the words of the tome "Head Housekeeper's Log":

Keeper of the House's log
1. New wash basins must be acquired. Servant Hujin will see the Quartermaster and place the order tomorrow
2. The chandelier in the main hall was finally repaired tonight. Payment must be sent to the contract holder tomorrow.
3. Advisor Snith ordered that I personally find and acquire 3 dozen finely made vials. What they are for he would not explain and was very firm that I do this as quickly as possible. Best to make haste to fulfill the order, rumors abound of the Advisor's mastery of the arcane.
4. We've been low on candles for the last week. There is no explanation for the shortage of wax says our civilian contract holder. Perhaps I should send a Palace Reaver escore with the next pick up crew. The craftsman may have the intelligence to figure the symbolism.
5. It is imperative that we return the High Scale's Icon to the church as discretely as possible. If Rak Ashiir returns from his journey early and discoveres it was found in the royal bedroom it may prove disastrous. I cannot decide whether to place it ourselves with help of our Black Guard, or to approach one of our contacts in the church. The less people that know of this the better. It might be prudent to...remove...the servant who found it within the sheets.

These were the words of the tome "Historic Article":

Neh Ashiir's disappearance will always be cloaked in mystery. We of Torsis have a saying that goes "Neh's chances." We all know this is used to deline an innumerable variable but not many know of its relation to the event in the early years of our fair city. For as many people as there were in Torsis there were that many theories regarding Neh Ashiir's disappearance. Others say there were political tensions between the queen and her lord, so much so that she had to leave to escape death. And for good measure a few pointed to the stars and said that people from beyond the sky took her. One thing all agreed upon however is that the relationship between the royal couple was decaying. Political scrutinizers noted small personal habits between the two that implied a separation of intimacy during their public appearances. Many even tie the highly publicized Crusade of Kirn into the disappearance of Neh as Kirn left the city only a few weeks before. It is recorded in many texts that the visage of Rak'Ashiir reflected his despair over his wife's vanishing although it is a well known fact that it was mostly an act played by the King to keep up his illusion of nobility. Perhaps one day we will find the truth but at this point it would mean little to the public.

So! This was interesting. It seemed there was a little "something-something" going on in the royal bedchamber of Torsis! I suppose even reptiles have their relationship problems...

I carefully wrapped up the moldy old tomes in some oilcloth, and proceeded to look around for a "pond" in which I'd find the brother of the Spirit Sentinel...

A quick dip in the murky waters of the Emerald Jungle

[Ed. Note: Have some form of water breathing, though this will only take a moment.]

I knew from previous explorations that there was only one significant body of water in the entire Emerald Jungle, and that was to the North of Torsis. I took Ghiosk's three historic tomes and made my way north. As I came to the edge of the dank, algae-strewn waters I wondered if even I, a Troll of no small constitution, would want to swim in this murk.

My choice was made for me as Puzzle shoved me in the back with a "get going!", and I found myself underwater! There being nothing for it, I began swimming deeper, searching for a brother Spirit Sentinel. He wasn't difficult to find.

He did not respond to my initial hail, so I took the three tomes and gave them to him (yes, underwater...).

Spirit Sentinel says 'Hmmm, it appears the queen's disappearance wasn't as random as we thought. It also looks as if this High Scale was having some sort of affair with Neh. We have little but speculation at this point so making it known to Nak'Ashiir [Ed. Note: Should be "Rak'Ashiir"...sigh] would do nothing. Perhaps finding the resting place of the High Scale will show us more in the way of what really happened. We suspect the icon mentioned in this log could now be located in the city's old temple. Find the icon and bring it to Kirn, wherever he is. Tell me what you learn afterwards.'[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.

Oh. Joy. Yet another trip into Torsis. I was hoping to enjoy it some more. Sigh.

My third (but not last...you'll see) trip into the City of Mist...this time for an Icon

Gathering my patience, I swam out of the filthy muck, and not waiting for anything to dry, I began pounding feet back south to the City of Mist. I was livid! Nothing was going to prevent me from finding the Icon of the High Scale.

The Head Housekeeper's Log indicated that the last known place for the icon would either be in the royal chambers or else returned the church. I decided to try the temple area first.

My luck was with me that day, as I began in the temple room, opposite the stables, and laying on the ground in a heap of old trash was just the object I'd been hunting! I picked it up, shook the remaining gook from my clothing, and decided to return home to a warm fire before trying to locate High Scale Kirn...

Finding the High Scale Kirn in The Hole

Days later, I was found relaxing in the guild hall of the Wayfarers of Veeshan, my feet propped up before me, warmed by the fire, and a cool apple-tini at my side. Who dares say that a Troll can't enjoy this delicious green drink!?

I was turning page after page of one of our many atlases, trying to locate a possible resting place of the High Scale Kirn. According to the "Crusades of the High Scale" his "corpse was never brought back for burial as it was lost far across the ocean among distant brothers in faith." What could this mean? Not Faydwar or Antonica, surely, as no Iksar would dare roam on those lands, even historically. Not Velious, for that continent was lost at the time of High Scale Kirn. Odus? Possibly, as it was remote and had long been split between the lands of Erudin and Paineel. Yes, the more I thought about it, the more I considered that Paineel would be the most likely place where an ancient Iksar may have been "lost among distant brothers in faith". But surely not Paineel of today. No, back then, it seemed most likely, Kirn would have been in Old Paineel...now the Ruins of Old Paineel.

I closed my atlas, and began preparing my gear for a trip to The Hole.

I had not been to The Hole previously, though I knew where it lay. I knew that I would need more help than at any previous part of this quest, so I called out to my more experienced brothers. Talinoth, a druid of some 81 seasons, and Freez, an enchanter of 85 seasons accompanied me into the Hole, searching for the spiritual remnants of High Scale Kirn. (Ed. Note: See map. Follow the red path. Kirn has moved around over the years, but as of September 2010, he was at the spot on this map. It's a twisty tower, so your best clue as to whether you'll find him is by checking your Z coordinate against the one shown)

After some judicious searching, and the destruction of more golems and undead than we could count, I turned the corner of a high tower in the south of the city and there he was! The High Scale Kirn, spiritually present, but nonetheless powerful, stood before me.

I motioned for my colleagues to remain back as I approached him cautiously. (Ed. Note: "High Scale Kirn regards you as an ally -- looks kind of dangerous.")

You say, 'Hail, High Scale Kirn'

High Scale Kirn says 'Leave me to my contemplation, fool.'

Well, that was rude! He clearly had nothing more useful to say. I thought, therefore, that sight of the icon of the High Scale would remind him of his "daliance" in life, and perhaps loosen his tongue. I handed him the icon.

High Scale Kirn looks down at the icon in his hands for a long moment before speaking. 'Why did you bring me this? Are you here to accuse me of the queen's death?' High Scale Kirn chuckles venomously and continues, 'I am High Scale and beyond your petty laws. However, I wish the truth to be known. On my hand is a ring. If you can take it from me, show it to the queen and she will remember. However, I will not give up the ring easily. Defend yourself!'

He attacked! Yet we were ready for him, and there was no preparing his undead soul for the punishment unleashed by me and my bretheren. Before long, the very essence that was Kirn was fading into nothingness. Before it faded completely, I knelt and removed the only substantial thing he had...a ring.

Fourth (but not final!) trip to the City of Mist, this time for Queen Neh`Ashiir

[Ed. Note: You have to get through two locked doors to get to Neh. Save yourself a ton of problems, and just bring a rogue with you to pick the two locks. There are no known keys to open the doors.]

I stood looking at the engraved ring that I had taken from High Scale Kirn. I was confused about how to proceed. [Ed. Note: Truly...read on...some crappy coding of the quest at this point has led to my confusion.]. For Kirn is the first to mention Neh's "death", and not just her "disappearance". Second, the Spirit Sentinel in the pond of Emerald Jungle said I should return to him with what I learned from Kirn, but Kirn himself said I should show the ring to Neh. What to do?

I finally decided that I should show the ring to Neh before returning to the Spirit Sentinel. But where to find her mortal remains and her spirit? All of the histories indicated that she "disappeared" from Torsis. If she, in fact, died and was hidden, then the most likely place would be the royal palace of Torsis.

Making up my mind, I made my way back into the City of Mist.

In my previous research on the city of Torsis, I learned that the former royal family were known to employ locks of extreme difficulty. Having found only the one Stone Key, I assumed I'd be coming up against some locked doors leading into the royal palace. As such, I brought my good friend Puzzle, a fuzzy rogue of some 51 seasons. We made our way through the lower half of the city until we stood again in the room of Black Reavers. Little need be told of this, and we soon found our way into the secret tunnels which led up to the walls of Torsis, and ultimately to the strange floating royal pavilion.

Upon gaining the upper landing, Puzzle found that we did indeed come across a locked door. I considered how difficult scaling around the floating tower would have been, and was thankful I'd brought Puzzle along. We moved on until we came to the final tower. Jumping over a small gap in the floating sidewalk, Puzzle again proved his worth as he immediately opened the door to the royal palace. There we saw her. Neh Ashiir herself, floating spiritual and calm in the center of the room.

I approached her, but did not speak. I simply walked up and showed her the engraved ring from Kirn.

Neh`Ashiir says 'Nothing is left to hide now. You shall have the truth. But truth is not won easily and if you cannot defeat me, you have not the ability to see that vengeance is served. Brace yourself!' [Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit could not possibly get any better.]

Cryptic, to be sure, but I had no time to consider it for the passive spirit suddenly turned aggressive and attacked! It was a long and protracted fight, but thankfully we had brought capable mercenaries with us who know the working end of a blade. Some few minutes later, her spirit was freed and Neh`Ashiir crumbled, dropping a book to the ground.

Neh`Ashiir 's corpse says 'Kirn, my love, please, take me with you!' [Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Citizens Of Torsis got worse.]

I bent over to see what worldly belongings this shade might have held dear. A key, a torch, some gems and a sealed book. It was torn, shredded, but obviously was a diary! I cautiously opened the book to the only page that wasn't completely destroyed and read the flowing script, with some words so badly marred that I couldn't make out complete sentences:
...another bazaar.. I was asked to judge..wrestling contest. It must have been the ten thousandth one...week. Oh how I grow weary of...political monotony. The earlier days were much... exciting, crusades against..unworthy and smashing our opposition. Kirn's life must be epic indeed. He..at me again during..match. Hmmmmm.

Not knowing what else to do, I thought I should return to the Spirit Sentinel and see if this diary somehow shed some light on the history of Torsis...

Back to the Emerald Jungle with yet another book for a wet dog....

Making my way out of the City of Mist, I headed North to the pool where I'd last spotted the Spirit Sentinel. Taking care to have my Fishbone Earring in place, I dove deep, and found him unmoved. For a moment, I wondered what he did all day, but then realized this wasn't important to the quest at hand. I therefore handed the sentinel the diary I'd taken from Neh'Ashiir....

Spirit Sentinel says 'So, the truth is found! Nak [Ed. Note: This should've been "Rak"...nice lack of details...sigh] mourned over the loss of his child instead of relishing the blessing of his god, Cazic-Thule. His wife and the High Scale then abandoned him in disgust, but even that was an aftereffect of what caused the king to turn his back on his faith. The child is the key! If we put the child to rest, Nak [Ed. Note: Should be "Rak"...sigh] may repent of what he has done and the mantle may be lifted. The most difficult task is now at hand. Find the child, then take proof of her passing to Nak[Ed. Note: Should be "Rak"...sigh]. I can feel the mantle's foundation crumbling! Now, go!'[Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit could not possibly get any better.]

Um...what the what? WHAT CHILD? What the hell is this guy talking about? [Ed. Note: Seriously, what the hell? Nothing in the texts so far, and especially nothing in Neh'Ashiir's diary mentions a child. This is some of the WORST coding I've come across yet. Talk about your "out of left field" direction-changers!]

To the Plane of Fear...

I left the Spirit Sentinel in disgust. Until now I thought I understood this quest. But this bit about a child? And getting proof of its passing?? I returned to my guild hall and pondered this riddle for the entire evening, my only company being Talinoth the arch-druid of our guild, who was sipping wine across the roome from me.

My only clue was mention of Cazic-Thule himself (may Innoruuk rot his innards!). Was it possible that there was a love child between Kirn and Neh? Yes! But, where was this child? Rak should've relished the "blessing of his god"... Did that mean Cazic-Thule had done something to the child? Killed him? Taken him? I wasn't sure, but thought I was on the right track. I was so excited I leapt up, and shouted to Talinoth: "I've got it! This is great! We've got to go to the Plane of Fear!" Only when Talinoth raised a questioning eyebrow did I realize the ridiculousness of my own words...

Despite his skepticism, Talinoth accompanied me to the Ogre lands wherein our maps indicated Cazic-Thule had opened a portal between his world and our own. Stepping through the chaotic doorway, Talinoth and I were immediately beset with the strange fearful denizens of the Plane of Fear. Once dispatched, Talinoth took to the ground, looking for tracks of various creatures. One set in particular caught his eye. "You're right, Druul" he said "there has been a child here. These small prints can only have been made by a youngster...an Iksar to be specific." I knew then that my hunch was right. I had him lead me through the twisted pathways until we approached one of the large temples that dotted the landscape. we glanced about carefully, but saw no signs of the strange Golems which were known to live in these Fear temples. [Ed. Note: By luck, someone had raided PoFear, killed the golems, but left the Iksar broodling up. I strongly suggest looking for this lucky break before trying to take down the golems themselves.] But Talinoth's nose for tracking was dead on, for standing upon the side of a temple was a small iksar. I hailed it, but received no reply...the thing stood like a zombie, eyes glazed, body unmoving. Could this be it? I stared at the white, glassy eyes and a dread overcame me...a loathing...how could any child be allowed to stay in this hellish domain? I felt pity rise up, and with a single cut of my blade, I relieved the iksar broodling of its damned existence.

As the child fell to the ground, a single tear could be seen, running down its face. This surely, was the sign I was meant to show to Rak, so I took a small potion flask and caught up the child's tear, stoppering the bottle, and begging Talinoth to remove us from this place as soon as he could open a gate. When he asked "where to?", I knew that we would find Rak where we found his wife....in the City of Mist...

Fifth (and FINAL) trip to City of Mist...to find Rak'Ashiir

Having been to the City of Mist now four times, I knew it like the back of my hand. And what I knew also was this -- there was one place I had not been to. One room whose key I had failed to find, and therefore I had not yet seen. And that room lay at the top of the elevator, behind the throne room where I first found Lord Ghiosk. I had a suspicion, one that had been growing since my last trip here...that the fragile key I had picked up from Neh'Ashiir would be the key that led up the elevator...and to Rak'Ashiir! [Ed. Note: This is actually true. The Key of Torsis drops from Neh'Ashiir and operates the elevator. HOWEVER, that key is NORENT, and you've probably camped since killing Neh'Ashiir so your choices are to either kill her again and get the key or use a rogue to operate the elevator]

Talinoth and I made our way through the city, past the room with Lord Ghiosk in it, and back to the elevator. I took the fragile little key and put it into the lock on the floor. Immediately Talinoth and I were whisked upwards to find ourselves facing a room of 4 black reavers! They gave battle immediately, and one after the other fell to our superior combat skills. I noticed the first three immediately spawned a phantom upon their death. But the fourth...when the fourth black reaver fell, a vague putrescent smell filled the air, and the ghost of Rak'Ashiir appeared. He was not aggressive, in fact he seemed quite docile. [Ed. Note: Lord Rak`Ashiir regards you as an ally -- looks kind of dangerous.]

I hailed him, but received no reply. So I carefully took out the vial, and handed the child's tear to him, wondering what the response would be.

Lord Rak`Ashiir looks down at the tear in his hand and says, 'A minion of my god came to me one night. I knew it was of Cazic-Thule as I was frozen in terror. My mind screamed for me to flee but my body would not respond. The being took my daughter and vanished to only he knew where. When I regained control of my body and thoughts, I felt nothing but betrayal. I don't care anymore about anything. If you want repentance then slay me, Druul' [Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit could not possibly get any better. You gain party experience!!]

He attacked us then...and did he every attack us! He was able to heal himself, and we were worried that his spell casting would ultimately cause us some trouble. It was touch and go, but Talinoth being a druid of some 80 seasons had more tricks up his sleeve than Rak, and after 3 minutes and 7 seconds he "gave up the ghost", so to speak. Soon the only thing left was a single iksar scale that lay on the ground where he had been hovering and fighting only moments ago...

I picked up the scale carefully and wrapped it in a small cloth. Was this it? Was this the end of the story of Torsis? I knew only one creature who could tell me the truth....

Back to the Emerald Jungle for a last dip in the pond...

Talinoth teleported us quickly away from the City of Mist back to the Emerald Jungle. We had just enough energy in us to seek out the Spirit Sentinel once again, in the Northeast of the zone, at the bottom of the pond. We made our way there, and I dove in quickly...finding him in his usual spot.

I swam up to him, and reverently held out the iksar scale...

Spirit Sentinel says 'What is this? The scale of Rak'Ashiir's father? Then Rak has repented his mistake? But why is the mantle still in place? If Rak has repented, then the mantle should have dissolved since he was the one who initiated its construction. But is its initiation the key? How could we have been so blind? Kirn said Rak'Ashiir had the blood of his people on his hands but that is false. Rak merely pointed to a path that would lead them to destruction. It was the people who chose to follow. Now all [is lost].' [Ed. Note: Your faction standing with Truespirit got worse.You gain party experience!! You have completed achievement: Epic 1.0]

[Ed. Note: At this point, the further prompts that begin "what is lost" are useless. The rest of the quest, consisting of about 5 back-and-forth prompts with the Spirit Sentinel have been decoded. It doesn't matter though, because you've been given your SPEAR OF FATE!!!

My new toy!

Quest complete, Dec 5, 2010.

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