Drexxell's EQ "Am I one with the wall?" Page (6/13/2006)

Initial data collected June 2006

Explanation of this page

In recent raids to The Plane of Sky, I have begun asking myself "How is it that anyone figured out the right words ('?llaw eht htiw eno I ma') to say to Sirran the Lunatic on Wasp island?" It certainly didn't seem to flow logically from any hints Sirran gave (on that note, I was partially wrong.)

I was tipped off to the words "Am I one with the wall?" being part of a long-standing quest in Rivervale via email by Quigley who was giving feedback on the Plane of Sky guide. That quest was the Wall Squad Ring Quest. Thus began my own clarification of the relationship between the Halfling Sirran the Lunatic (in Plane of Sky) and the Halflings of Rivervale and their mighty wall in Misty Thicket.

Below, find first a complete quest-guide to the Wall Squad Ring quest, and then below that, my best guess as to what Sony expected people's thinking to be in order to figure out how to say "?llaw eht htiw eno I ma" to Sirran.

Corrections and additions are most welcome!

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The Wall Squad Ring Quest

This quest begins in Rivervale, at the Warrior's Guild. Find Marshal Ghobber in the back room....

(If your faction is dubious):

(If your faction is amiably or better [indifferent may work - wasn't checked]):

Time to go find this Deputy Budo guy. I went out to the wall that divides Misty Thicket in two and found the Budo was always in the first tower south of the doorway in the wall. The problem is that he also always is stuck in the floor and generally not viewable, targetable or hailable that way. The best method of bringing him out of the floor is to go grab a small train of bixies, beetles, snakes, etc and bring them to the front of Budo's tower. He and his partner should come rushing out in a few moments to "save you". Once he's outside the tower, you can hail him and continue the quest.

(Only if you've been to Marshal Ghobber would you know to say this next:)

This obviously then leads to 3 sub-quests:

  1. Turn in RunnyEye Warbeads to Sheriff Roglio (Warrior Guild, top floor)
  2. Turn in DeathFist Slashed Belts to Budo (This guy)
  3. Turn in some sort of grappling hook to Marshal Ghobber (Warrior Guild)
    • This hook is unidentified. Allakhazam has nothing. And for all my time clearing mobs in Misty Thicket and Runnyeye, I've never seen it.

You can now go kill goblins and orcs in the west half of Misty Thicket and collect RunnyEye Warbeads (not "Shattered Warbeads") and also DeathFist Slashed Belts. No clue about the grappling hook yet.

Sub-Quest #1: RunnyEye Warbeads to Sheriff Roglio

Find Sheriff Roglio in the top floor of the Rivervale Warrior's Guild...

Although Deputy Budo asked me to ask the Sheriff about Clan Runnyeye, he has nothing to say about it:

So, now that we're done talking to this guy, let's do the turn in that both he himself, and Deputy Budo told me to do....

Note: I did this turn in 5 different times, and it always ended the same except one time, when he gave me the money and one "Tagglefoot Tingle Drink" (which seems to be little more than just a drink).

Sub-Quest #2: DeathFist Slashed Belts to Deputy Budo

Find Deputy Budo where he usually is: stuck in the floor of his tower (see above)...

Sub-Quest #3: Ornate Grappling Hook? Bizarre Grappling Device? to Marshal Ghobber

Currently unsolved.

I wonder...Am I one with the wall?

Now that you've done 2 of the quests, you can see that #2 (Belts to Budo) gives you a prompt to go ask "Am I one with the wall?" of Marshal Ghobber. So, back to the Marshal and ask....

(If your faction is anything except maximum ally for "Guardians of the Vale"):

(If your faction maximum ally for "Guardians of the Vale"):

At this point, I received "Squad Ring"!

But then, the kicker...

Here are a few more tidbits, associated with this quest...

Raising faction with "Guardians of the Vale"

I used the "Bandages for Joogl Honeybugger" quest (hand him 4 bandages at a time) to raise my Rivervale factions. I began as "dubious". After the following number of stacks of bandages, my faction rating was:
0 Dubious
?? Indifferent
20 Amiably
32 Kindly
45 Warmly
62 Ally
72 Max Ally*
*Your faction standing with Guardians of the Vale could not possibly get any better.

I checked every possible faction standing of Guardians of the Vale, and only when I had reached maximum ally, did this quest work.

Interesting Final Note

Although not directly part of this quest, the quest itself is referenced in "zone spam" when you go deep into RunnyEye Citadel. Try it yourself sometime, and look for this spam:

Relationship between Squad Ring quest and Sirran the Lunatic

Sirran the Lunatic is a mob found in the Plane of Sky. Anyone who has raided there up to Wasp Island (#6) or beyond, must have dealt with one of the more strange in-game prompts that Sirran gives. Most of his prompts at least make a little sense, but I (like many others before me) "cheated" and looked up what to say to Sirran on Island #6 on the web. "If I have seen farther than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

The real question, in my mind is: "How did anyone figure out how to deal with Sirran at all on Island 6?". The answer, it turns out, has everything to do with the Squad Ring quest, above.

Let us pretend, for a moment, that we're raiding in Plane of Sky and do not have the benefit of the WWW to help us cheat our way past Sirran. Ignoring (for now) all interaction with Sirran from Islands 1 through 4, let's begin with Island 5.

Island 5, after killing The Spiroc Lord:

Now, while the entire Wall Squad Ring Quest above makes no mention of "milk", it is pretty clear that "deputies" and "wall" might be referring to the Halfling Deputies at the Wall in Misty Thicket. Since Sirran is a Halfling, perhaps this makes even more sense. But, at this point, the reference means nothing to Plane of Sky. It does, however, get us thinking about Misty Thicket and the Wall so that on Island 6, we can stay focused on that.

With that in mind, let's see what happens when we try to deal with Sirran on Island 6.

Island 6, after killing Bazzt Zzzt:

What to do!? Sirran has never failed to respond to a hail yet!. It is at this point that the very first person to deal with Sirran had to put on their thinking caps. At first, a variety of prompts, hails, etc would be tried (none of them work). However, the person might remember one very important thing about Sirran -- In addition to speaking in resonse to hails he also speaks when you hand him the key loot to trade for the key to the next island. Maybe we need to trade in key loot, see what he says, and then figure out how to proceed....

Island 6, after turning in Noise Maker for Key of the Swarm:

"What the heck?", you think to yourself. Then it hits you...he's speaking backwards! What he said was:

Ok, we know that "give me armor" means to give him the "Dull Dragon Scale" and that "the keys are yours" means he'll give you the "Key of Scale". (Since that is just what we did to get him to say this.) What about the "say the phrase or you are in a bind" though? That's sure puzzling. However someone very smart long ago must have had an idea -- since Sirran is now speaking backwards, what would happen if I hail him backwards? And it went like this:

Hey, it worked! So what did Sirran say?

Hmmmm, this is interesting. There are not [bracketed phrases] to lead us down a path of conversation. What now? Again, the first smart person to figure this out probably realized a few things:

  1. Sirran is a Halfling
  2. On Island 5, Sirran mentions deptuties and a wall (focusing us on the Misty Thicket wall)
  3. Sirran's words match those of Marshal Ghobber perfectly:
    • Sirran (backwards): "Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. I am marshal Sirran, Marshal of the great wall patrol."
    • Marshal Ghobber: "Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Marshal Ghobber Truppack, Marshal of the Great Wall Patrol"
  4. Sirran is speaking backwards
  5. Sirran has asked for "the phrase"
  6. Marshal Ghobber has "a phrase" that you're expected to say to him: "Am I one with the wall?"

Putting all this together, someone, sometime way back in history figured out the next step:

Success again! What did Sirran say though?

And with that, the riddle was solved. Someone figured out that the Sister of the Spire is the boss of Island 7, and therefore required to get to Island 8. Just imagine, if you will, the frustration of the first few people, just dying to get to Island 8, and never ever seeing the boss of Island 7 up, and not realizing that Sirran on Island 6 was the key to it the whole time.

That's it folks. That's my theory on how Sony expected us to think with regard to Sirran. We are expected to take the clue from Island 5, sniff around Misty Thicket and Rivervale, deal with both Marshal Ghobber and Deputy Budo. Then we need to figure out how to get Sirran to speak at all on Island 6, and when he does, to realize that we must deal in backwards speak with him. Then we are to put together that the words of Marshal Ghobber and Sirran are identical, and then use the phrase, given to us by Deputy Budo for use on Marshal Ghobber, on Sirran (in backwards form).

Piece of cake, right?

Drexxell, 6/13/2006