AC1006./ 3@%./%x//_01,@$@(@"@_lv^0@EI f*@.'@???{Gz??p??acad? ףp= ??RQ? ףp= ? ףp= ? ףp= ??dr^%wo`%:@qqffffff9@?i1??I@1!2 @ @$@ @@$@ b%@%@$@ @,@@ ?@ @@@@ffffff%@@?? @?@?ffffff%@??333333#@ ,@,@$@$@ +?ffffff#@? Celephais, @ffffff#@? HyperboreaPb@ffffff#@?Irem, City of PillarsGnFn?$@ffffff#@Obffffff%@ffffff#@?Mountains of Madness/WIr?+@ffffff#@$?@?Mu+ @@? Time WarpSb@@?Underworld of Dreamlands#d?$@@)ffffff%@@?Valusia @333333#@@333333#@ffffff%@333333#@?ffffff@ @ffffff@@ffffff@ffffff%@ffffff@N?!@{Gz?,1-2) The timeless splendor of the glitteringN?!@{Gz?,city enchants you. Successful knowledge rollL?EDDDDD!@{Gz?*or leave character here forever. (Start a 0?!@{Gz?new character)L? @{Gz?*3) The high priest of Nath-Horthath helps J?ywwwww @{Gz?(you on your journey, for a small price. =?533333 @{Gz?Trade one item for a spell.K?@{Gz?)4) The wise chief of the cats teaches you*?XUUUUU@{Gz?a spell.J?@{Gz?(5) Successful fast talk to convince KingN?FDDDDD@{Gz?,Kuranes of your importance. If you succeed, K?@{Gz?)he will transform any sanity to strength,I?433333@{Gz?'or strength to sanity for you. If you >?@{Gz?fail, treat as no encounter.L?""""""@{Gz?*6) Successful strength roll to avoid beingG?@{Gz?%shanhaid by one of the many merchant I?@{Gz?'galleys. If you fail, shift to Earth's M?@{Gz?+Dreamlands for one encounter. On your nextH?@{Gz?&turn, return to this box in Celephais.I @!@{Gz?'1) If you know a spell from the Book ofO @!@{Gz?-Eibon (or Livre d'Ivon), then you impress theI @EDDDDD!@{Gz?'local wizards. Add 3 points to either B @!@{Gz? strength or sanity, your choice.L @ @{Gz?*2) A blizzard sweeps over the land. Stay A @ywwwww @{Gz?in this box for your next turn.N @533333 @{Gz?,3) A successful fast talk, and the sacrificeN @@{Gz?,of one magical item will convince the wizardM @XUUUUU@{Gz?+Haon-Dor to join you as a follower. He addsL @@{Gz?*+2 to your knowledge for as long as he is M @FDDDDD@{Gz?+with you. He may be substituted for you inJ @@{Gz?(one combat, instead of taking a counter-J @433333@{Gz?(attack. Treat as no encounter if he hasF @@{Gz?$been hired or if you don't hire him.K @""""""@{Gz?)4) For the sacrifice of one sanity point,H @@{Gz?&the wizards of Hyperborea teach you 2 ) @@{Gz?spells.= @@{Gz?5) A monster surprises you.O @@{Gz?-6) A monster attacks. Roll 1 die. If the rollO @uwwwww@{Gz?-is 6, the monster is Ithaqua (who will appearL @@{Gz?*from either the monster pile, or from the N @cfffff@{Gz?,board). If Ithaqua is on a tropy pile, treatL @@{Gz?*as no encounter. If the roll is 1-5, then; @QUUUUU@{Gz?a random monster appears.7@!@{Gz?1) A monster attacks.J@!@{Gz?(2) The heat of the desert sun is causingI@EDDDDD!@{Gz?'monstrous hallucinations. Lose one san.N@!@{Gz?,3) Amidst the carven pillars are runes whichF@ @{Gz?$describe the potential over-throw ofO@ywwwww @{Gz?-Cthulhu's cult by humans. This enlightens you@@533333 @{Gz?and you gain one sanity point.G@@{Gz?%4) You become lost in this weird and I@XUUUUU@{Gz?'wonderous city. Stay here for your next'@@{Gz?turn.D@FDDDDD@{Gz?"5) Buried in the sand is one item.M@@{Gz?+6) Shaddad, builder of Irem, demands of youN@433333@{Gz?,a gift! If you have the Silver Key, he takesG@@{Gz?%this and even trades you one item in L@""""""@{Gz?*return. If not, he takes one random item.Nffffff%@!@{Gz?,1) Successful sneak roll to avoid waking theMffffff%@!@{Gz?+inhabitants of the depths of the mountains.Bffffff%@EDDDDD!@{Gz? Failure means a monster attacks.Jffffff%@!@{Gz?(2) The strange sights and sounds of thisOffffff%@ @{Gz?-eerie place unnerve you. Lose 1 sanity point.Nffffff%@ywwwww @{Gz?,3) From the ancient wall carvings, you learn>ffffff%@533333 @{Gz?a spell. Draw 1 spell card.Kffffff%@@{Gz?)4) Hidden amongst the rubble of the dead Kffffff%@XUUUUU@{Gz?)city is an odd looking artifact. Draw one,ffffff%@@{Gz? item card.Kffffff%@FDDDDD@{Gz?)5) After studying the wall carvings, you Mffffff%@@{Gz?+discover the hideous truth of the origin ofFffffff%@433333@{Gz?$mankind. Lose 0/1d3 sanity points, ?ffffff%@@{Gz?depending on the sanity roll.Effffff%@""""""@{Gz?#6) Lose 1 strength from the bitter 1ffffff%@@{Gz?Antarctic cold.L?333333@{Gz?*1) The Mu-ites demand a sacrifice. If youM?""""""@{Gz?+give up a follower, they will give you full2? @{Gz?sanity points. L? @{Gz?*2) The island rocks and sways, plunging upM? @{Gz?+and down in the ocean. Lose 1 strength from.? @{Gz? seasickness.L?@{Gz?*3) A strange looking item is wedged under @?@{Gz?the coral. Take one item card.K?@{Gz?)4) For the sacrifice of 2 item cards, the??@{Gz?men of Mu teach you 2 spells.N?@{Gz?,5) You trip and fall down a chasm, splashingI?xwwwww@{Gz?'into a deep lake. Lose one random item.??gfffff@{Gz?6) A hideous monster attacks.Q @333333@{Gz?/1) 1.5 Billion B.C.: Roll one die. On a 5-6, a N @""""""@{Gz?,Hound of Tindalos attacks (if any are in theI @ @{Gz?'monster pile). On a 1-4, no encounter.M @ @{Gz?+2) 900 Million B.C.: R'lyeh, Mu, Atlantis, M @ @{Gz?+Lemuria!!! The whole Earth is covered with G @ @{Gz?%strange lands and stranger monsters! 7 @@{Gz?Lose 2 sanity points.O @@{Gz?-3) 450 Million B.C.: You impress the conical N @@{Gz?,entities with your knowledge of time travel.9 @@{Gz?They teach you a spell.M @@{Gz?+4) Briefly in the future: You glimpse your < @xwwwww@{Gz?own demise. Lose 1 sanity.N @gfffff@{Gz?,5) 100,000 A.D.: You see the rise of R'lyeh I @VUUUUU@{Gz?'and the destruction of mankind. Lose 1 M @EDDDDD@{Gz?+sanity. However, you also meet Captain JohnM @hfffff?{Gz?+Smythe, a human who is very knowledgable inM @FDDDDD?{Gz?+the fight against Deep Ones, Star Spawn andB @$"""""?{Gz? Cthulhu. Take him as a follower.P @?{Gz?.6) 100 Million A.D.: Amidst the odd structuresO @?{Gz?-of the intelligent beetle creatures, you findM @?{Gz?+the remains of an ancient, dead human. Take0 @?{Gz?one item card.H@333333@{Gz?&1-2) A monster springs at you from the+@""""""@{Gz? darkness.K@ @{Gz?)3) You stumble into the Vale of Pnath andJ@ @{Gz?(spy a Dhole. Luckily it doesn't see you.L@ @{Gz?*Make a sanity check. If successful, lose 1K@ @{Gz?)sanity point. If you fail, lose 4 sanity )@@{Gz?points.(@@{Gz?spell.L@@{Gz?*5) In the huge mountain of bones,below theM@@{Gz?+crag of the ghouls, you find the remains ofN@xwwwww@{Gz?,a previous investigator. Take one item card.J@gfffff@{Gz?(6) The gugs give chase. You just barely J@VUUUUU@{Gz?(escape their clutches. Lose one strength2@EDDDDD@{Gz?from exhaustion.Jffffff%@333333@{Gz?(1) The untrusting serpent men chase you Effffff%@""""""@{Gz?#from their cities. Lose 1 strength.Jffffff%@ @{Gz?(2) Successful fast talk to convince and Jffffff%@ @{Gz?(aged lizard wizard to teach you a spell.Kffffff%@ @{Gz?)3) You are trapped by the chasing hordes.6ffffff%@ @{Gz?Stay here next turn.Iffffff%@@{Gz?'4) You stumble upon a dead serpant man./ffffff%@@{Gz? Take 2 items.Effffff%@@{Gz?#5) The hideous scaly creatures are Cffffff%@@{Gz?!everywhere. Lose 2 sanity points.Kffffff%@@{Gz?)6) A hideous monster sneaks up behind you.ffffff%@xwwwww@{Gz? and attacks.Kb)@[ #u@{Gz?)4) The ghoul named Pickman teaches you a @B1@@B2@@0@STANDARD?{Gz?txt@CONTINUOUSSolid lineAWʲʲ+aV/+Z+Z@&?4*D6(('e,$^^aACAD.MNX!uG H^ ^^br^tRuGuGz4F~ L 0F)6*ACTIVE???.'@_lv^0@EI f*@p?I@d??  <???<? @#J3xY?䫟._?o|{?2???? @????? @ ?????? P@#!*J.?o|{?o|{?1??@? @??@?? ,@(@?)\(?RETURN%@?)\(?TO (@?)\(?ARKHAM   @@ @